The Arabian world is still an exotic place to many of us. In particular, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the powerful United Arab Emirates. Gracefully situated on the Persian Gulf, this is a sparkling city that combines traditional Arabian flavor with an almost futuristic, cosmopolitan feel. Here, worlds collide and form a glowing city image that leaves the first-time visitor speechless and amazes the returning wanderer each time to the new.

A Sparkling Impression

Welcome to a place unlike any other, a world that is just as colorful and friendly as it is luxurious.

Here in Abu Dhabi, not just the buildings are large and shiny. Architects and designers have taken hotels to the next level. The radiant Ritz Carlton shines bright on the water and impresses not just with location, but service and amenities. It may only be one small glitzy part of the spotless city facade that lights up at night. Made to impress, just like everything in this luminous city.

The Glow of a Modern Era

The visitor admires the dancing lights of the Ritz Carlton, mirrored in the calm water, while walking along the waterfront. The blurry reflections of the vivid lights are symbolic of the long faded light of ancient Arabian times. However, the colorful sparkle remains in a new era.  Looking up from the water and facing the actual Ritz Carlton. It is glowing in the dark; the new, modern Abu Dhabi becomes crystal clear.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta

As one of the many inviting hotels in this metropolis, the Ritz Carlton embodies what this city is: a clean, flavorful, cosmopolitan and always-seeking-to-exceed-expectations melting pot of architectures and cultures. The wanderer finds himself in a place that will continue to sparkle magically, now and forevermore.