The moment my wife and I stepped into the foyer of the exquisite Anantara Resort on Koh Samui, we found ourselves in a different world. All of a sudden, life slowed down. We had arrived in a piece of paradise where utterly polite and respectful Thai personnel welcomed us – and would pamper us beyond our imagination throughout our stay.

Here, the spirit of Thailand, exemplified by its constantly courteous and smiling residents, and a vision of aligning body and soul for a harmonious, balanced life was surrounding us. We were looking forward to a relaxing stay far from the ordinary – and we would soon come to realize just how extraordinary this experience would be.

Heart of the Resort – Lush Water Garden

In the midst of the resort is an oasis that left us aw-ing and oh-ing when we first entered. A serene water garden awaited us on our first stroll around the resort.  It was hard to remember that there was indeed another, more chaotic, world out there.  We instantly felt the peaceful embrace of this place – I truly didn’t want to leave.

Thailand was built on compassion. – Bhumibol Adulyadej

This resort is a temple of relaxation, really. A sanctuary that does its name justice. I could hardly believe my eyes: the natural surrounding, a large pond with water lilies, relaxing nature sounds, and lounging areas. Everything in this place seemed in sync, exuding pure harmony. And everything seemed to  shine from the inside out, exuding pure warmth.

Deeply Connected with Nature

Nature plays a significant role when it comes to our inner alignment and relaxation. Being surrounded by a natural environment with its authentic, soothing sounds help calm our subconscious, which automatically leads to us relaxing and letting go of tension on a physical level. Plants and trees are the lungs of this earth. So, it only makes sense that we feel drawn to natural places where we then find ourselves taking deep, cleansing breaths. The Anantara Resort, undoubtedly, has a deep understanding of this concept. Because after all, it’s about the balance of giving and receiving harmony in our mutual co-existence.

When my wife and I marveled at this lengthy pond in the heart of the resort – that, really, resembled a jungle – we felt at peace. At the end, you find the Moonlight Restaurant with amazing views over the ocean. Certainly, a dining and wining experience unlike any other. The fact that only Thai are employed, made this whole experience even more authentic. We were stunned by their friendliness. Koh Samui, and specifically the Anantara Resort, were leaving us speechless, with a big smile on our faces.

Taking Relaxation to Another Level

With our bathrobes on, we walked through the large doors of the natural spa area. We were eagerly anticipating our treatment. Just thinking about our partner massage in this calming environment made me feel relaxed from the inside out. We were welcomed by the best-smelling fragrances, exotic air, calming vibes, and most respectful wellness therapists.

They invited us into a dreamy, glass-walled room overlooking the calm waters. In the lush green garden, lotus flowers were in full bloom. Our thoroughly Thai inspired treatment was heavenly. I could absolutely feel all the stress, worries, anxieties, leave my body and mind.

This is – and I had no doubt – where harmony between body and soul will be established. “Spa treatment” means more than just a simple beauty treatment. It goes deeper; to a spiritual level even. Here, we can truly connect with our inner selves. That’s what we quickly realized “spa” here is all about.

We lingered for quite some time, enjoying the quiet, natural 3,000 sqm of this oasis. Here, ying and yang could not be more aligned. This hotel – specifically the spa area – showed us just how beautiful Thai culture is. The significance of pure wellbeing and balance is something we all should reflect upon more and integrate into our lives.