When we go places, we want to seek out the wonderful and exciting side of a destination. Our experiences are worth more than material things. That, most of us will agree on. Traveling means indulging in a place. Staying at a top notch hotel that is not just serving as “some accommodation to catch Zzzs”, but that is an experience in itself, is what can oftentimes make a trip. It’s the cherry on top and that place that will play an important part in your journey. Don’t underestimate how a grand hotel can make you feel. It can be a little world in itself where you can recharge and look back on the day while in your own, special time warp.

Leave the Everyday, Begin the Experience

The Biltmore
The iconic and luxurious Miami-Biltmore Hotel illuminated at night – Coral Gables, FL, USA

If you travel to Miami, consider staying at the historic and luxurious Biltmore Hotel. Picture-perfect from the beginning, it was built in 1926 as a luxury hotel in Miami-Coral Gables, Florida. At that time, it made the list as the tallest building in the state. When urban planner and real estate developer George Merrick and John McEntee Bowman built this resort, Merrick had the vision of making it not just an upscale place to lodge, but also saw it as a hub for fashion and sports. Not just visually illuminated from the outside, but symbolically for everything it has to offer visitors, for all of their senses.

Hence, golf enthusiasts will find their heaven here on an 18-hole, 71-par state of the art championship course. Those who appreciate a well-rounded wardrobe will enjoy the many unique boutiques and shopping opportunities on location. And, don’t we all like a good show? One of the longest running live theaters, GableStage Theater, is home at The Biltmore and presenting original productions, which add to the experience.

In 1996, The Biltmore became a National Historic Landmark and made the American Institute of Architects’ list of “100 Years. 100 Places” of Florida architecture. Furthermore, the hotel’s grounds have been used for TV shows and movies such as Miami Vice and Bad Boys. A resort hotel that made the screen. Feeling a little bit special yet?

And, just as a fun fact on the side: The Biltmore has been a hub for many attractions throughout the years. One of them was swimming instructor – later on playing the role in an early Tarzan movie – Johnny Weissmuller.

Now, with so many more stories to tell, the question of whether this hotel is haunted remains. Some people believe this to be true. Don’t we all love a good story? One of happy ghosts, if at all. Many of us certainly appreciate deep-rooted history, making The Miami-Biltmore Hotel even more attractive.

Classic Elegance Invites

Biltmore King
The interior of the Biltmore Hotel wows the visitors with classic elegance and tasteful decor – Coral Gables, FL, USA

Forget about the everyday – you’re on vacation now. Doesn’t matter how long or short, but when you check into your charming guest room, time is not important anyway. Characterized by timeless, classic elegance with tasteful color combinations, this is your little time warp now. In fact, the rooms underwent a complete renovation to upkeep the spirit of time. Feel a little special. You deserve it.

When you stroll through The Biltmore, you will see how Mediterranean architecture meets Spanish and Italian influences that melt together beautifully. Discover a side of Miami you might not have experienced before. It certainly begins with the right stay.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

Once holding the crown for the biggest pool in the world (now the largest on the East Coast), the Biltmore Hotel features an impressive spa area of 12,000 sqft that invites you to relax and unwind and simply shake off the stress from the everyday life.

You are invited to stay awhile. Grab a drink, treat yourself, indulge in the culinary delights. Take advantage of the many things being offered onsite.

Make it your very own experience.