Our bodies and souls are our sanctuaries. We need to treat them accordingly. However, as we go through our daily lives and give in to the routine, oftentimes stress and not doing what we truly feel is right for us leads to a disconnect between body and soul. Therefore, it is even more important that we are aware of this happening. An in-sync body, soul, and mind are vital for our well-being and a life well-lived.

Seeking Inner Balance

Bikes on Beach

Bikes on the beach at sunset – Los Angeles, CA, USA

We tend to forget that we don’t just have to nourish our bodies to find alignment. Our minds and souls are equally important to achieve balance in life. Balance – the art of having body, mind, and soul completely connected in a harmonious way. A way that makes us see life clearly, happily, while being fully aligned with our inner selves. Self-care is what we need to do more often. After all, we are just given this one life and we have to cherish and savor it.

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family. – Philip Green

What makes you achieve balance? Take a moment. Reflect. What truly makes you happy? What allows you to step outside of the ordinary routine, gather your thoughts, and refresh your mind?

Finding Balance Outside

Many of us find balance in going outside. Inhaling the fresh air. Going for a long bike ride or walk at the beach, feeling the breeze in our faces and washing the stress away. It helps us look deeper, reflect about our lives and paths we’re on. Sometimes, those moments are spent completely alone with ourselves. Other times we need to share them with faithful friends and family. The latter provide the stability we need whenever life seems to throw a curveball at us. They help us stand should we ever tumble.

There is something rejuvenating and cleansing about being in-midst of nature. It is healing. As you get off your bike at sunset for a moment and take in the views over the ocean, you might feel the stress, the “weight of the world”, drop off your shoulders. Maybe you start seeing things more clearly. It is in this very moment that your mind, body, and soul have the true ability to sync again. Be in it.

Allowing the Soul to Breathe

Dog at Beach

A dog walking along the water at a beach – Los Angeles, CA, USA

When walking along the empty beach during sunrise or sunset, it is easy to feel life being breathed back into our bodies. Ultimately, this fresh breath of air reaches our souls and washes our minds clear of any negativity. We’re reaching a state of physiological harmony. Endorphins are released. Our souls begin to take deep breaths.

As humans, we have a connection with the naturalness of this earth. This is why we feel drawn to places like the ocean: to free our minds and let go of any toxic thoughts or feelings. The open sea allows us a different perspective on life, on the aspect of freedom – and we are sure to leave with inspiration, clarity, and greater positivity for our journey down the paths that unfold before us.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony. – Tom Merton

Let the sound of the waves caress your soul as you walk along the beach; maybe you have your four-legged loyal friend with you. Just like him, appreciate the littlest of thingsIt is eye-opening to cherish the bare essentials in life: loyalty, true friendships, nature, the ability to reflect and shape our own lives anew each day. Those are also gifts helping us to get one step closer to true balance . They allow us to put things into perspective for ourselves – and then act accordingly.

Go outside and find your balance.