What is life if we only live it in one place? What value do we get from being born and spending the following time of our lives in the same exact city or small town? Granted, some of us are happy with where we are – and that, certainly, is a valuable, humbling, character trait.

Yet, us humans are not made to just stay put. Once we have been able to get a taste of what life out there looks like, what adventures and new impressions await, we are hooked. You are encouraged to open your heart and mind to exactly this: new places, people, experiences.

By doing so, you will discover a whole new you.

A Sip from the Fountain of Life

Buckingham Fountain A cyclist taking it slow and watching the fountain with a beautiful rainbow – Chicago, IL, USA

Many of us strive for a life well-lived, and that includes seeing as much as possible of this planet. Oftentimes naturally drawn to distant places, we long for change. What might we be missing in our lives? Did we hit a “dead end”, uncomfortable in that certain place anymore, or maybe we have lost the connection with our inner self? Who are we? And more importantly: Who do we truly want to be?

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein

To find the answer to those deep-rooting questions that are so very strongly intertwined with the ability to live a fully harmonious, balanced life, many of us feel the urge to change our surroundings. Traveling to distant places to find the true meaning or purpose of one’s life or existence at large is, all too often, the route many of us go. And it’s such a wonderful, rewarding one.

Our bodies and minds can align again when we see the world from different perspectives, as this allows us to shape our own unique view on things. Let us be open. Just like the image above shows: Hop on a bike, get a different angle on your existence, look up – and see the rainbow – the colors of being! -, as it is created by the powerful fountain of life.

Journey of Exploration by Discovering Yourself

Sunset Skyscraper The sun perfectly aligned with buildings, giving the urban setting a magical glow – Chicago, IL, USA

When we travel, we can lose and find ourselves. Oftentimes, we have to completely step out of our comfort zones and simply embrace the fact that we will become a different person. That is a beautiful thing. We can find our inner self and reconnect with it. All of a sudden, things might just become crystal clear. The path you want to walk is opening up in front of you. The search is over; you are exactly where you need to be. Hence, this is the moment when your soul, body and mind align and you become your truest self.

Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations. – Oliver Goldsmith

But this can only happen if you allow yourself to go on this big, unknown, oftentimes scary, journey of self-discovery. Go out. Be open. Explore. Discover. There might be obstacles in the way; it’s not all butterflies and roses. Yet, it is this imperfectly perfect journey each of us is on, one way or another, that eventually leads to alignment.

Be out there to find your inner balance. And suddenly, the light – just like in the photo above – will align with everything around you. Additionally, it will bring clarity, and illuminate the path you’re meant to walk.