We all strive to live a balanced life, one way or another. Balance – it’s a term that has found its way into our daily lives signifying ultimate harmony in everything we do. Moreover, the word emphasizes a state of both physical and psychological well-being.

While creating a balanced routine might look different to each of us, its outcome is the same in a perfect world: a body, mind, and soul that are a hundred per cent in sync. And you know once you have reached that point where you feel absolute fulfillment. You are in peace with yourself and the world around you.

An Act of Compromise

Inner Balance
Inner Balance – visually just like the interconnectedness of the sky’s colors during sunset – Los Angeles, CA, USA

But how do we get to a point where we feel utterly “balanced“? Finding our inner zen in a world where time seems to be passing us by, where we are having a hard time catching up, only leads to more stress and an out-of-alignment stage.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony – Thomas Merton

A happy life greatly depends on our inner balance – the level of inner connectedness with ourselves and the way we live. Just like the wonderful balance between the colors during the sunset in the photo above. We also need to have a rhythm, a certain order every day. It starts with the question of whether we are content with how things are for us in this world. Do we accept them? Are we doing what we truly feel is the right thing for us? Do we have a hobby that fulfills us? Are our relationships healthy? Is the job we are doing leaving room for a rejuvenating work-life balance? And is there space for self-care in our daily routines?

Happiness – ultimately balance – doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a constant work in progress. Hence, keeping a state of balance means we will have to actively put in the work to achieve it. Awareness and mindfulness are crucial. This also means that, all too often in a world where we do have responsibilities that usually don’t allow us to go straight ahead and simply do what we feel really passionate about (because we all have bills to pay), a work-life balance is the essence of a healthy living. Eventually, this is the key to a life we love, the key to our personal “balance point”.

We need to find ways for ourselves to incorporate a list of things that we have to do, as well as one that reminds us to not get caught up in the to-do’s, but take care of ourselves and do what we truly enjoy. Therefore, balance is an act of compromise between our hearts and our minds. It’s a give and take between our inner yin and yang. The bottom line is: Once we do everything – the wants and the needs – in moderation, we literally “balance them out” – and find true balance for ourselves.

Balance in Numerous Ways

Inner Balance II
Spending time with people that lift us up and contribute to a state of emotional balance – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Balance exists in numerous ways. Being able to connect all three components – emotional, spiritual and physical balance – leads to complete alignment.

Work, love and play are the great balance wheels of man’s being – Orison Swett Marden

Our emotion balance can be found by spending time with family, friends, or a partner. Step away from work and enjoy the precious time together. Just like the couple at Rarotonga Beach depicted above. Those relationships are healthy and we feel appreciative of them when they give us positive energy and lift us up. For that, “giving and taking” need to be equal on both sides. This cannot be measured, but is rather a feeling both people have.

Just as important as socializing and spending time with people that exude positive energy is our quality alone time. To find our spiritual balance and reconnect with our inner selves in a mindful way, we need to make space for quiet time. A walk along the beach, a round of yoga, time to reflect over a cup of coffee or tea – those are only examples of how we can find back to ourselves. We need to listen to our inner voice. Yet, this is only possible if we have some down time to focus and be in the moment.

Lastly, we need to make sure we are also finding our physical balance. Maybe engage in exercise? Go for a walk; watch a sunset; we simply need to find some activities that make us feel refreshed, good about ourselves, and bring us enjoyment as well as fulfillment.

It’s work to bring all three components – let alone simply one in regard to our busy schedules filled with items that are guarantors for stress – into a state of balance. However, if we practice mindfulness and understand the concept of healthy compromise, we are on a good path to happiness.

How are you achieving your personal balance?