We live life in the fast lane. Rushing through it, we try to tick one more thing off the daily to-do list – just to plan out the following day. By doing so, we potentially miss the moment. We look forward, pass by the present – and the past, anyway. But what are we running towards? Just another thing that needs to “get done”; something else we try to achieve? Pause right here. Reflect. Reflect upon your actions, people, the world – your life.

Do we really know where we are going if we don’t stop for a minute and try to consider the whole, including past, present, and then the future? We chase the latter, but miss the essentials: stepping it back a notch and reflecting upon what was and what currently is. Because it’s those two that are the crucial pieces; the things that determine a more meaningful, useful future. In fact, the ability to be reflective allows us to create the lives we truly yearn for. And in stillness lies the power. 

Turn Inward to See the World’s Beauty

It starts from within; it starts with us. The world can only be as beautiful as we allow it to be and that, quite simply, depends on how we see ourselves. Be gentle with yourself. Say nice things. Be your own motivator. This life is too precious to drift off into negative thinking. We all know that not everything goes smoothly all the time. Yet, it’s on us how we want to react to it and what mindset we want to have. They say that “your vibe attracts your tribe”, and, frankly, I believe this is true. Everything and everyone surrounding us is a reflection of our very self, our values, our ideas, and beliefs. 

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are – Anaïs Nin

How we speak and treat ourselves is mirrored by our outside. It simply is a reflection of our attitudes and feelings. What we think, this world is showing us as the grand picture. And so I ask you: How do you want to perceive this world? You can only see the colors shine brightly if, in and with your heart, you are allowing yourself to see the colors. If you embrace the right mindset, then you are bound to see the sheer beauty this world around us has to offer. In this process, you become a part of this stunning planet. Moreover, your soul, in return, is reflected by the outside. So listen to your heart; carefully watch your environment. Never forget to reflect the positive, the beautiful. 

Reflection in Stillness

Only in stillness can we hear our inner voice, drawing learnings from the past, paving our future path – Kyoto, Japan

It is only in stillness that can we really hear our inner voice speak up. Peace and calm are the foundation of true reflection. They give us the opportunity to turn inward and align our soul and mind. And that is needed to bring all the energy together, for more educated choices. Being reflective helps to find our path in life and check in with ourselves: Where do we want to go? 

We do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience – John Dewey

Reflecting on our actions and experiences is the starting point of living a fulfilled life. What can do better? What lessons have we learned? Reflection allows us to re-evaluate. Once we have found the answers, the path naturally unfolds before us. Self-reflection allows us to better ourselves and, in retrospect, see what has happened in the past with new eyes. Reflecting makes for perspective. In this noisy, busy world, we all need to find a moment of stillness and serenity, to turn inward and listen. Almost magically, we will see things anew and radiate that energy outward. 

Reflecting for More Purpose 

Actively making and taking the time to reflect is a powerful tool to put your own life into perspective. When we reflect, we have the chance to change our route. This is because reflection allows us to put the pieces together. Only then are we capable of seeing the bigger picture. Once we see the grand whole, we can make better decisions about the path we want to walk in life. And oftentimes, with the ability of piecing it all together, things automatically fall into place and our next step might just become crystal clear. Naturally. 

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful – Margaret J. Wheatley

Looking back on where we started and where we are now gives us the chance to appreciate the life we live. Furthermore, being reflective gives us the opportunity to take more purposeful steps. Reflecting can be encouraging, it can be humbling. Moreover, it can show us what we need to change for ourselves to get where we eventually want to be. So, reflect as you go on this life journey. It allows you to look back while getting a clearer view on your future. With this, you create deeper meaning for yourself in all you do.  

How do you find stillness in this busy world? What’s your secret sauce on reflection?