Home – a feeling or simply a place? It might just be a connection of both. Yet, it can be different to all of us. It is an idea that we have in our minds that is accompanied by a warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s that secure place we seek in the world, no matter where (or maybe we do have an exact vision of it). They say that “home is where the heart is”, and this might just be the most accurate definition. Although broad, it entails that our hearts can be wherever, with whomever. And there are no restrictions.

At Home in the World

Home I
The road home – no matter where this might be, it’s a feeling deep down inside – Naples, Italy

Generally speaking, our human race is home on this planet. Earth is where we were born and will live the last days of our lives. We are born with roots in a certain place. For some of us, those roots are so strong that we never even get to leave home. We might not have the desire to. And then there are those of us that know home to be the place – or even places – where they grew up, yet, feel that there is something missing. The feeling of sacredness, of love, security, connected to it.

They head out into the world, embark on the ride on the open road, to chase this: finding home. In this regard, it might not be a particular place, but it is rather this warm feeling of comfort coming from deep down inside, that they are chasing. It’s an emotion that gets the closest to belonging. Someone or something can make us feel like we belong. Ironically enough, it can be different people and various places at once. It’s a sense of: “I feel at ease.”

Drawn Away to Come Back

And sometimes, we are drawn away from our physical home. We travel, explore, meet people, but we get this odd feeling in our stomachs. Homesickness.

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it – George A. Moore

All of a sudden, we are homebound – to the place(s) and people that give us this inner peace and calmness. It might be right “back to the roots” where your characters were formed. And maybe it is simply where we love, and not necessarily where we physically grew up.

Sometimes, we need to leave our home to actually appreciate it. The farther we are away, the more we seek the comfort of our homes, or, more so, value that sacred place.

But for now, we need to go, go out into the world. Because maybe we do not exactly know yet where our home is. Yet, we will once we have traveled the road and been overcome by this “homesy” feeling at a certain time, in a certain place.

Sweet Nostalgia of Home

Home II
A peaceful place, a space of warmth and comfort, where we can “bloom”: this is home – New York, NY, USA

Where the flowers and the corn grow; the river flows and the birds chirp as the wind is rustling in the trees. It’s where there is peace and a sense of calmness, as well as security. This is where home is to many of us. The feeling of it is connected to that sweet nostalgia about times of growing up. Oh, the innocence as you were going around town on your bicycle, chasing those little big dreams. Dreams about traveling the world, about your career, seeing different places and living the life – maybe in a big city?

But then there’s home. The feeling that will always be deep down inside you. All too often, where our lives began, where we learned our manners, were taught values, and had dreamed innocently big, not knowing anything about the world out there, is where we eventually return to. Funny how ingrained, just how strong, the feeling of home is. It has the power to draw us back to our roots.

When memories fade, can one ever really return home? – Floyd Skloot

Let’s hold on to the memories, this feeling of belonging. Home, no matter where this might be for each of us, is that warm, safe haven. Amidst a cozy space, surrounded by loved ones, it’s a steadfast place that will always be there no matter where we are, how long we’ve been gone for, or how much we have changed.

I’m really quite simple. I plant flowers and watch them grow…I stay at home and watch the river flow – George Harrison

And home should be easy, should be simple – just like that. Home is where you can truly be yourself.

What is home to you?