It all begins in – and with – the mind. What are you striving to achieve? More so: What do you want out of life? Formulating your very own answers to those questions will determine your level of personal motivation and the scope within which you are willing to challenge yourself. 

Challenge. For many of us, this word lights a fire deep down inside. It puts us into gear, especially those who have a competitive nature. The thrill of the unknown outcome; never fully being in control of what will happen. Only being able to carefully craft your actions, yet not being in charge of their impact.

Many fear the failures outside of what they know and are used to. Therefore, they stop pushing themselves and play things safe. You have to determine for yourself how much you are willing to give and, in return, are potentially able to accept setbacks. Nevertheless, if you are ready to live more, you will come to realize that outcomes that are not necessarily ideal are still part of the growth process and, eventually, a crucial piece of the puzzle. So, go on and challenge your mind, your body – only then will you know how strong and capable you really are. And your true potential shines. 

Shifting Boundaries

When you take on the challenge to push yourself in life, you will not only find your boundaries. More so, you will be able to define them for yourself. You will soon get to a point where you’ll be proud of yourself for taking the risk in certain areas and looking at what’s beyond the horizon for you. You shifted your limits; widened your space of capabilities. It’s a rewarding feeling. 

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful – Joshua J. Marine

You know you’re about to shift your boundaries when you reach a point that has you saying: “This is hard.” And that is the moment your head has to be in the game and you have to push through physical obstacles, and potential hurdles thrown your way by the mind. All of a sudden, it will click. You overcame a seemingly difficult situation and with this, automatically expanded your limits. Because you challenged yourself to, no matter what, make it through.

This is where life begins. Where the endorphins kick in and the pride in yourself increases tenfold. Congratulations, you’re at a point where you, yourself, just made your own existence meaningful. It’s where your enthusiasm, your drive for life, truly shows. There is such sparkle, such beauty in it. 

Growing Through Uncertainty

Challenge yourself to reach your full potential, which will bring fulfillment and growth, living life on a different level – Death Valley, USA

Pushing yourself and personal growth go, inevitably, hand in hand. Without the drive to try and push your very own – what you think – limits, you will not be able to expand your horizons. Being comfortable is easy. But within comfort, growth and success, to an extent that they may thoroughly fulfill you, are not possible. It is in the unknown, in the uncertainty of the actual results and outcome that you will grow. You cannot rise to your full potential if you don’t explore what is beyond what you know and see at this point. In fact, you already know that there is more – you just have to find the courage to go for it and take measures into your own hands. It’s the mind that leads. And courage begins there. 

Keep challenging yourself to think better, do better, and be better – Robin S. Sharma

Growth is a process of letting go of the old and embracing something new that, for sure, is going to happen. Just how exactly it looks is uncertain at this point. Certain is, however, that it will be better. Yet, it is up to you to challenge yourself to a point where you trust in yourself; where you realize that you are capable of reaching for that goal you’ve set. What is holding you back? It is the road there that is a challenge in itself, hence, it might seem intimidating. But if you let go of fear and trust the process of re-inventing yourself through this journey, you will end up rising higher than you may think. Confidently embracing uncertainty is the only certain way to accomplish more in life. 

Change by Challenge

We strive to be better versions of ourselves each day to the new. Maybe we are actively aware of it and have already understood that we need to act to get there; maybe some of us are still going through our daily lives, having dreams, but not realizing yet that, with action, they can become reality. 

Challenging yourself always comes with change. Naturally, you are taking a step forward, which, ultimately, means you’re saying your farewell to something that has been. Are you open to it? You know you want more, are hungry to see what this life, outside of the box, holds for you if you can make friends with the uncomfortable feeling of “not knowing”. Yet, soon you will know what is. You just have to challenge your mind to tell your body to move forward.

Challenge yourself to be an example of change – Debasish Mridha

Change by challenge – as simple as that. And challenge begins where you feel like you don’t have thorough control. But it will come. It will happen. Have a little bit of faith that out of the unknown, as an essential part of the transformation, something beautiful will rise. This will be your deepest self, the best version of your own “you”, however that may look. And with this change you encourage others to leave their safe space and embark on a journey of discovery. 

Always seek to learn, for it shifts perspectives in a wonderful way, in a way you didn’t imagine possible. And that is another guarantor for bringing about change on many levels. Never stop reaching for more; your mind is hungry. Feed it what it desires. In this process, you will automatically challenge yourself to go beyond what you know and believe. Hence, your eyes will be opened, your mind will be widened. Through challenge, we have the power to change. 

How are you challenging yourself?