Coffee Table Book Preview

Welcome to our exclusive JoinTheWorld’sBeauty Coffee Table Book sneak peek. We are so excited to have you here and will explain what this project – so near and dear to our hearts – is all about. It will change perspectives in a beautiful way. Therefore, we are thrilled to have you join us for this very first preview of what you can expect from this wonderful “photography-meets-storytelling” book – release mid-next year.  

A First Exclusive Sneak Peek

Our preview for JoinTheWorld’sBeauty subscribers consists of five exciting genres – beautiful in their own way – that will make up our unique Coffee Table Book featuring fine art photographs from Thomas Habermann and his World Collection as part of the book, combined with creative and tasteful storytelling. So, in this sneak peek, each topic will be comprised of two powerful photographs exuding a certain spirit. Further, a thoughtful, inspiring, and emotionally touching interplay with words revolving around it will highlight the soul of the photo.

Sit back, relax, and dive into an exclusive Photography World Collection. Allow us to take you on a first, brief journey – a beverage of your choice in hand. Travel through different areas of life, art, and various places around the globe. Be ready to savor and wander with all your senses.

Urban Vibes

Urban Vibes will bring you closer to the living and breathing cosmopolitan areas on this planet. Thus, their flow is fascinating; go with it, look around, and experience an ever-moving image of diversity and technological advancement of a world metropolis, as you find yourself embraced by a city’s exhilarating spirit.  


Nature is the foundation of everything. In fact, nature is art. It is wonderfully inspiring and can change our view on life tremendously if only we allow ourselves to look a little closer and see the rhythm, the harmony, the patterns – simply beautiful life – in the power of nature.

Freedom of Art

Freedom of Art – a genre that gives us endless opportunities to explore and express ourselves. Realize that art is everywhere and in everything surrounding us. We need to keep an open mind to see the world, even little things, from a beautifully artistic perspective.


Architecture is a form of art. This, different creations around the world convey. They are the faces of history, often from eras long passed. In addition, architecture is defining the future and capable of re-shaping the character of a city. Therefore, an architectural approach and certain perspectives of life go hand in hand.


People – each and every single one of us has a story to tell, and there is beauty in exactly that: being different. A particular facial expression, the depth of a set of eyes that are the mirror to someone’s soul – artistic people photography goes beyond lighting & composition.

Be Excited for an Exquisite Coffee Table Book

This unique JoinTheWorld’sBeauty Coffee Table Book is a compilation of high-quality global photography associated with the five above-mentioned genres. Expect an extraordinary, artistic, photographic approach with inspiring, passionate, and powerfully thought-provoking stories. Lastly, with this unique, feel-good, and eye-opening interplay between words and image, JoinTheWorld’sBeauty is striving to challenge and change perspectives in how we see the beauty and art in all there is in this world full of little big wonders. Stay on top of it and be a part of the sneak peek releases by signing up below.