Where do I go in life? What is the direction I am heading into? What path am I, in fact, meant to walk? Those are questions we ask ourselves frequently. And even if they are not stuck in our heads and we don’t actively think about them, we act based on them, for all we are doing is geared towards finding our way in life. Each new day, we are, consciously or subconsciously, trying to find the path that is the right one for us – but some things are just beyond our control and we have to let it be – or go, literally.

Natural Regularities – An Underlying Order

London Eye

Laws of nature bring order into this world and make our lives go round – London, England

Direction in life is a strange thing. Are we the masters of our own fate? Is it even fate we have to rely on? Or do we have complete control over the events in our lives? Maybe they are a series of coincidences or, on the contrary, even events that have been pre-determined for us. Do we walk a certain path because it’s our very own purpose in life? And maybe, just maybe, it’s a combination of everything we will never be able to comprehend fully.

All those questions will most likely be answered differently depending on our personal view on the world. Yet, are there any regularities, rhythms, that do determine how we generally move forward? Our world obeys the laws of nature. They are the foundation of our earth that goes round, that has found its very own rhythm and is presenting us with new “natural” phenomena daily. It’s the unpredictable predictable in this world.  

There are some uniformities and natural orders in this world: sunrise and sunset, thus, the moon and sun, the rising and falling of the tide, seasons, as well as ungraspable time that is unstoppable and contributing to a natural human aging process, just to mention a few crucial ones. The world is not as chaotic as we think it is. It runs in circles – just like the image is symbolizing. There are patterns and we do fall right into them. Yet, we still have room to walk individual paths within those subtle, natural structures.

Life – A Circular Direction

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. – Carl Rogers

Just like laws of nature: Life is a process and we’re part of it. It’s a “circle”, an ever-moving, continuing one, that is taking us along. Once a moment has passed, it is gone and will never come back – and we’re continuing to walk in one direction. We can plan this very moment and make a decision, but there is no guarantee that the direction we have in mind for tomorrow will be exactly what we’re envisioning. In Necessitarian understanding, the laws of nature govern the world; they don’t just describe it, as, on the other hand, Regularists suggest. Hence:

Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor. – Brian Tracy

But we cannot take full control over how our lives play out. Those underlying natural laws do have an impact, although we might not fully understand how. Having goals is wonderful and they help get us in the right mindset about our own lives. They even make us feel as if we can partially shift the direction we want to walk into. For a very short span of time – basically just in this moment -, we can. Yet, no matter how much we plan ahead, things are happening that are unpredictable while walking in a certain direction. But, eventually all events end up forming a whole and closing the circle – to then begin a new one – which is visually depicted above.

Time – Guide into Our Individual Directions

David Lloyd George

Embracing the beautiful unpredictability regarding our directions in life – London, England

There are things we can control and things we cannot. The reality is, we will never have full control over everything. It’s part of the process of the world going round, the underlying unpredictabilities. But if we were to know each direction, everything that is supposed to happen to us, wouldn’t life be somewhat boring, granted, sometimes even scary because events that we don’t necessarily want to experience will be happening?

Some things are simply unexplainable. We might ask ourselves: why are they happening to us? Why in this very moment? There will never be a definite answer. It’s a higher power – fate, purpose, or coincidence, whatever it may be – that is guiding us in just that direction.

Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

But the truth is that no matter how we describe the happenings of those events to ourselves, the unforeseen that we just didn’t plan, they are part of the direction we are going into. They are just one step out of many, and there is no way of turning back, as natural underlying laws connected to time push us forward. Hence, there usually comes a point for each of us when we look back and realize: It all made sense; it needed to happen so I am where I am right now, namely in the right place, at the right time . I am exactly where I need to be.

Embracing the Process of Direction

Look at the visualization above: Let us embrace time and our very unique directions, whether we’re at a point in life that we feel is right or not. Because as a matter of fact, time keeps us moving forward. We technically cannot stop. Memories last, but they are happenings from a direction we have long left behind. There are just different milestones on the path we walk.

Embark on the process of walking the direction life has in store for you. Always keep that positive mindset – because one way or another, it will all come together as a whole, and then you decide if you want to label it fate, purpose, or pure coincidence. It is not so much about what is happening but that something is happening. Your individual life in motion is all that matters.