Dubai is the most populous and cosmopolitan metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, situated on the Persian Gulf coast. It boasts an array of glitzy and expensive buildings that are second to none in the world. Here, architecture is taken to a whole new level and made to impress the world with incredible creations gracing the city’s skyline. Large, extravagant, and luxurious hotel complexes rise from the sand as artsy architectural compositions.  Visitors setting foot on this Middle Eastern hub’s manicured soil will be presented with a range of high-class accommodation to choose from.

A Masterpiece in Structure and Aesthetics

Among the most incredible creations is the Meydan Hotel. Enter a world of glamour and luxury when you step over the threshold of this marvelous place. An all-glass facade allows the bright sun to illuminate every inch inside. Built in the form of a wave in motion, it combines straight lines with flowing curves, blended into a harmonious composition. This creates a stunning outside – and an even more impressive interior.

Diamond shaped windows allude to a luxurious inner design, superb service, and breathtaking suites filled with expensive furniture and quality fabrics. Clean, modern patterns and warm colors invite the visitor to stay a while and soak in the unique atmosphere. You cannot go wrong with any of the room choices: Executive, Grand Premium Balcony, and Grand Deluxe Balcony Rooms are of impressive size – just like everything in Dubai. Take it a step further, spoil yourself and live a Middle Eastern dream with the Panoramic Suite. The Presidential Meydan and the Presidential Duplex Suites are out of this world and ultimately create a world in themselves.

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art. – Arne Jacobsen

Modern Shapes and Lavish Constructions

Modern structure and lavish construction characterize the Meydan Hotel. Sky-high ceiling draw the eye of the visitor upward, ever upward. Shiny marble floors in the grand entrance hall mirror the ceiling kissed by the sun. This creates depth, so it seems as if the floors have disappeared, and one is walking through a shimmering dream or mirage.

Through a seeming miracle, a combination of well-thought through interaction between light and materials, the lobby floor seems to vanish, replaced by a glassy pool of water that embraces and reflects the artful design of the soaring walls.  Reflections by the sun are flashing through the elegantly designed hall, bringing it to life. Creative out-of-the-box thinking visionaries were at work.

Dubai’s High Class Venue

But not only is the Meydan Hotel an architectural treasure. It is the venue for the world renowned, annual Horse Racing World Cup. Important people, high class society and influencers from near and far pour into the city. They mingle at the race track for this important event. Also, they talk big money, but really, it appears bigger to the rest of the world than it actually is to them. For them, it’s just numbers – and those could possibly not be large enough.

From many of the rooms’ balconies at the Meydan Hotel, visitors can enjoy impeccable service. Meanwhile, they are having a full view on the race track. An experience to remember. The hotel complex stands as an incredibly modern, almost futuristic-looking construction, right next to the tracks that ultimately lead to world class stables. In a spotless environment, dedicated staff train and treat the precious horses of the world elite like royalty.

And, without a doubt, the most special of guests are the members of the Ruling Family. For this occasion, they traverse a specially designed bridge. This is leading to the Meydan Hotel and the event venue only they are permitted to use.