Dubai impresses us with the architectural glitz and glamour of another world. Always one step ahead, it resembles a futuristic city with its many lavish buildings and extensive infrastructure. Here, the future is not just calling but present already. The largest urban hub of the United Arab Emirates is showing the world how modern architecture is done. And, the designs and projects are unlike any other constructions around the world.

Who would have thought this former little fishing village would now boasts the world’s most impressive skyline? And even more extraordinary is the fact that the city image has changed only since the 1970s, due to the discovery of oil and the resultant massive financial boost. Modern Dubai was emerging from the ground.

Present City of the Future


The iconic Burj Khalifa in the middle of downtown Dubai at night. The amazing thoroughfare in front of the skyline is capable to manage the heavy flow of traffic – Dubai, UAE

Pause a moment and marvel at this bird’s eye view of Dubai, the magical metropolis. Being the most westernized of cities in the UAE, it WOWs us with its manicured city image. Breathtaking during the day, but at night, Dubai steps it up a notch as it shines bright in its own light.

Unmistakable, the Burj Khalifa is reaching high – 830 meters to be precise. So high, in fact, that this rocket-like creation is the tallest building not just in Dubai but on this planet thus far. Will any other city be able to beat this construction? It is questionable, as Dubai will probably exceed its own expectations with an even grander building before that can happen. The city is a pioneer when it comes to city image makeover. Old Town does, indeed, exist. But the world is fascinated by what Dubai has been – and still is – capable of creating.

Dubai’s a pretty powerful place. – Solange Knowles

Dubai resembles a city right out of a movie depicting visions of a future world. Ironically, however, this is what Dubai looks today. It has arrived in the future, embraced by the present, and its modern, futuristic architecture is proof that this city is a step ahead.

You see cranes in the background as a symbol of never-ending construction projects – higher, more impressive, wider. Dubai is not standing still when it comes to architectural creations. The city is living and the constant stream of cars on the winding streets reminds us of the blood running through the city’s body, to nourish it, and to provide the needed oxygen to take on more expensive, more extravagant projects.

Artistic Architectural Creations

Palm Islands

The spectacular Palm Islands at sunset – Dubai, UAE

Modern Dubai has emerged from the desert sands in only a few decades. Apart from the monumental buildings, it has begun to create artificial islands that are little sanctuaries in the bay. A luxurious experience for visitors, and some completely private. Two most noteworthy islands are the palm-shaped Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. Those are home to exclusive luxury villas. The two islands are architectural masterpieces. They show, once again, what this city is capable of doing: imaginative, incredibly artistic architectural creations.

And so does the Burj al Arab, one of the most famous luxury hotels with a sail-like structure and capacity to have a helicopter land on its roof. Undoubtedly, with the water in the background, Dubai is not just home to luxurious hotels, but also featuring the most aesthetic skyline and views. Who could possibly disagree?

Man-Made Creations – Marina

Dubai Marina

View over the marina at sunset – Dubai, UAE

Dubai Marina is not just a district but an entire artificial canal city, built along 2 miles of Persian Gulf shoreline. This massive construction project brings the waters of the Persian Gulf into the man-made waterfront, excavated out of the desert. It won’t just create new homes for about 120,000 people. It – and who is surprised? – will go down in history as the largest marina ever created. But it’s not just about size, it’s also about beauty.

The marina, especially at sunset, is an enchanting place. The sparkle of this city becomes even more obvious, and so do the expensive creations emerging from the ground, when kissed by the golden light of the setting sun. From atop a superb hotel, savor the views with a drink in hand and marvel at the architecture. Dubai is reaching for the sky and won’t stop for years to come. This metropolis is on a mission: to keep its “Future City” status.

Just try to imagine what Dubai will be able to show off in ten years from now.