All of humanity has been created – by a godly hand or by a scientifically logical explanation. Whatever you believe, it’s your choice. But we might be able to agree on the fact that the evolution of mankind is an astounding one. Throughout our existence, we have created this world we live in, built houses, infrastructures, created artistic masterpieces that survived eras. It is pretty epic to think about what our species has been and is capable of. 

But what does epic mean, especially in reference to creations? Epic – something that is “a big deal” and goes down in history. The term refers to something that is imposing, almost heroic of sorts, extraordinary and simply unlike anything else ever created. Therefore, each of us is epic, for as individuals, we are truly unique. And as humankind at large, we have achieved greatness throughout many epochs of our existence, in all areas of life. 

Christian Roots?

Creation. When we hear this word, many of us may automatically think of religion, Christianity. Of Adam and Eve, who, as the first humans, were created by God. Is an epic creation, hence, deriving from the initial, biblical origination of those two human beings? Because, undoubtedly, creating the first two beings of the species is pretty epic.

The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose […] – Victor Hugo

So, maybe that is where “epic creation” has its roots, in the Christian realm. Because we use the term “epic” when something is “out of this world” and simply so impressive to a point where it’s hard to believe that humans built or created a particular something. And this, exactly, brings us back to a “god like”, a supernatural, association. 

Architectural Masterpieces Close to Heaven

Grand emotions play a big role when it comes to an epic creation. There is such an aura exuded by masterpieces of artistic architectural nature that goes deep, truly moves. We as the beholders are left speechless – only to let out a sigh of admiration shortly after. Humankind has brought to life such beautiful works, such stunning architecture that is poetry in itself. Embedded in the historical context, many masterpieces become truly epic.

We find ourselves in those modern times we live in, but stand right at the heart of one of the most glorious cathedrals this world has seen. We travel back in time, allowed a glimpse into an era that has long passed. Gently, with our fingertips, can we touch the feelings that go along with the sheer magical architectural performance brought by this structure. Churches are certainly epic in nature. They encompass the divine, while the construction itself is oftentimes so magnificent that it is not easy to grasp that it was built by the power of human hands

Epic Creations Rome
The St. Peter’s Basilica in full glory, its beauty otherworldly, yet created with human hands – Rome, Italy

Rome’s Most Epic Creations

Some of the most incredible and jaw-dropping cathedrals are located in Rome. Undoubtedly, an incredible creation is the St. Peter’s Basilica, the headquarters of the Catholic Church, taking beauty to another level. And then there is Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, which was built on the ancient ruins of a temple for a goddess of wisdom: Minerva. The Pantheon is otherworldly as it is one of the best preserved constructions in Rome, priding itself with the largest unreinforced dome in the whole wide world. If that isn’t epic?

Architecture is about experience: not only visual but also what you can touch, what you can feel – Ma Yansong

Furthermore, the church Santa Maria is noteworthy, for it was built around 350 AD with the most basic of tools and now boasts an array of mosaics. Look up and be stunned. Apparently, this was the first church in Rome dedicated entirely to the Virgin Mary. And those are only examples. With more than 900 churches, Rome is home to some grand architectural creations – lifting our spirits to this day. 

Inventions Taking Humanity Far 

Going a little further, there are many inventions and creations that are epic as well, due to the fact that they have influenced our human species, our capabilities, shaped our opportunities and improved our quality of life. Many have provided us with knowledge and fueled our minds on an intellectual level throughout generations. 

Let’s think science. Scientific approaches help us explain the world around us, encourage us to build, create, and invent. More specifically, an invention that makes the top of the list is Gutenberg’s printing press, which left an immense socio-cultural impact by spreading the written word. With this, sharing knowledge and wisdom became easier than ever. Perspectives were challenged; change triggered. Arguably an influential brainchild in human history. Moreover, let us not forget the impact trains and airplanes have on the world, on bringing it closer together, on making it accessible so easily. Technological achievements that took humanity far. Literally. 

Intellectual and Artistic Creations

In the art and culture sphere, there are seemingly endless masterpieces that have shaped our society. They are legendary and fascinate us to this day. One of the most famous examples is, of course, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. This painting has fueled people’s imagination throughout centuries. The mysterious smile, the piercing eyes – immaculate Renaissance art with a mystic spirit that surrounds it. Another great piece of art is Pieta by Michelangelo, the universal genius. The combination between love, human, the divine, while capturing the emotions with this carefully crafted sculpture is second to none. It has touched millions.

The first epics were intended for recitation; the literary epic is meant to be read – Lascelles Abercrombie

And then, of course, how can we possibly not mention Shakespeare’s works? The man of the words. The master of the written word, of the English language, capturing human emotions so beautifully, poetically. His cultural impact has been immense. Storytelling in itself is a creation that has changed the world because it keeps history alive, educates, and allows us to remember and imagine. 

Additionally, classic music such as Ave Maria by Schubert/Bach is epic. Frankly, it lifts the human spirit to other spheres. The composition allows our consciousness to leave earth and ascend to a more spiritual level.  

So, here we are, connecting humanity and the supernatural once more. Because epic is just that. Humankind has brought into life great things, too many to mention. Our species continues to move with the times, while innovating and creating. Those creations tell stories, go down in history, survive(d) centuries, and touch people deeply, emotionally: sheer epic. 

What, in your opinion, is the greatest creation/invention of humanity to date?