Earn your fame and make a name for yourself. Oh, fame – don’t we secretly wish we all had a little bit – or a little more – of it? Admired by many. Respected by the crowds. Known not just in your city but far beyond for who you are and what you’re doing or have achieved. What makes being famous so enticing?

Interestingly enough, we most likely think of large cities, fancy lifestyles, and an involvement in the entertainment industry. Hollywood. New York. Acting. Singing. Let’s be honest: Isn’t this what, most likely, comes to mind? Accurate. And yet, looking at the nature of the term itself, its meaning goes deeper if we detach it from the association with only celebrity stardom.

Fame – and You’re in the Game

Whenever we think of fame, the majority of us associate it with the appealing financial cushion that comes with it. We think of celebrities, famous actors and musicians that live big lifestyles. And while a filled bank account might certainly be a reality for a lot of well-known personalities, fame goes beyond the money aspect.

The sun’s rays are illuminating the “City of Fame” that has produced many well-known personalities – Los Angeles, USA

The sun’s rays on the horizon are softly touching the urban landscape of Los Angeles, the ultimate hub where dreams of popularity are made. Here, stars are being born. Many stream into this entertainment hub to give their desires of becoming “famous” a solid ground. Here, in a city of millions, there’s opportunity.

Fame has also this great drawback, that if we pursue it, we must direct our lives so as to please the fancy of men – Baruch de Spinoza

If you’ve earned your recognition, you are becoming one of the notable players in the upper ranks – the game of fame. You are now capable of playing this game, day in and out. Fame is the name of the game. And once you have reached this level, there is no turning back. Once known, always known.

If, however, this newly acquired reputation is not being used wisely, this new status can grow taller than one’s own self. There’s a risk of losing oneself as one is standing in the light of the public. Without a strong and well-defined personality, fame is, in fact, going to define who one is. Therefore, losing oneself to it is the result. Fame – handle with care.

If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are – Oprah Winfrey

A Constant Work in Progress

Famous over night? That’s a common belief, especially in the entertainment industry. Yes, it can happen. But if we take a slightly different approach and regard fame as a constant work in progress, basically something you’re earning through hard work and have to continue to earn, then it’s not something that you, one morning, wake up to. It’s a gradual process defined by valuable action. Dedication and failure go hand in hand, like an inevitable symbiosis, that, eventually, will bring success. And as this road towards achieving goals becomes smoother, you celebrate more personal victories in whatever it is you are doing, and people will begin to talk about you. You earn the respect.

If you’re lucky enough to be famous, you can use your fame […] to draw attention to things that really matter – Michael Schumacher

Even though we all might strive for a bit of fame, it is noteworthy to keep in mind that, upon reaching a certain level of public prominence, we’re being given a powerful tool. Because fame ultimately means influence to an extent. People, especially younger generations, will look up to you and see you as a role model. With fame comes social responsibility, more than we technically have as individuals already.

Do good, work hard, and earn your social appreciation. Yet, do not lose the connection with yourself. Stay true to yourself, no matter what, and be known for your meaningful actions.

Personally, what does fame mean to you?