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What is the difference between a solid photographer and an artist working in the field of photography?

My motivation, in the first place, is fueled by inspiration and passion. It’s a sheer fascination of the interplay between the well-known parts like the science behind the craft/art and the emotional magic I feel when observing the interaction of color and light. The “Light Painting” takes place. In the end, it’s about things you feel rather than know. Also, it’s the willingness to develop your skills on every level; it’s not to learn new tricks but to dive deeper into the process of creating unique images on a global scale.

How do you determine if it’s a portfolio shot?

A portfolio shot should convey exactly the above-mentioned. Combined with individual, personal life experience, which is automatically thrown in the mix, it creates the foundation for a charismatic, appealing image. It’s a harmonious flow from start to finish. Timing, lighting, composition, and post-production processing must be very well-balanced. It’s complex and therefore an art in itself.

When did you discover your passion for photography?

Shape, texture, and color, have always attracted me. I studied graphic design and then incorporated basic architectural photography into my real estate career. Photography has always been a great passion of mine and at some point down the road, it just made sense to follow my creative instinct. I learned the actual art of photography in New York and fell in love with photographing people during that time in particular. Why? Because lighting is everything. It’s almost magical and such an integral part of this form of art – people photography – that literally allows me to let people’s souls shine through.

What is fascinating you the most about it?

The ability to freeze a special moment in time, which makes it possible to enjoy it – maybe – forever.

What camera equipment do you use?

I use the 35mm full frame series from Sony: A99II, A7RII, A7SII combined with a range of Carl Zeiss lenses. This setup gives me the best quality possible and the freedom to adapt any special lenses from other manufacturer, too, such as a Tilt Shift lens, for instance.

What is the most valuable asset for you as a photographer?

The freedom to choose what and when to shoot. To me, it’s the foundation of being creative without any strings attached.

Do you have a specific way/style of shooting/editing photos?

It’s like the way you think, talk, and act. You just do it. To me, creating a special moment can range from being very subtle, extremely vibrant or everything in between. I don’t like to talk “style”, which would limit my creativity, in my opinion. So, my process is mainly fueled by empathy – to create the right mood and bring a unique piece to life.

Do you plan a shoot ahead of time, or do you get inspiration to shoot as you go?

When I go to shoot in a specific location, planning ahead of time is very important – to be in the right spot at the right time. And sometimes you realize that all of your planning just couldn’t please the weather gods, for instance, and you have to adjust as you go. I oftentimes just grab the camera and see what’s coming along.

Any favorite genre, place to shoot?

Every genre has its attraction and is oftentimes connected to a certain part in life. The more you shoot, the more you’ll discover and learn about photography. That’s what I am constantly doing. Being trapped in one genre only would limit my freedom to express my perspective and view of this world. And yes, I do have favorite locations where I love to shoot: Singapore, Dubai, and New York when it comes to architecture; Los Angeles when we are talking “people”.

Anything exciting coming up?

Indeed! We are busy bees over here working on a very special, really unique Coffee Table Book that will literally change perspectives. As a JoinTheWorld’sBeauty subscriber, you can get an exclusive preview! Just follow this link for more, stay tuned, or subscribe further down below.

Can we purchase your images?

Yes. Please visit my World Collection and get in touch for more information about pricing, sizes, and more.

Do you do people photography, and if so, can I book you for a shoot?

People photography was my first real love – and maybe it will always be that way. I am just fascinated by how headshots can literally let a person’s heart and soul shine through if done the right way. If you’re ready to up your headshot game and are located in the LA area, visit 1Headshot and send me a message.
Also, here is a personal story about 1Headshot (one headshot – see what I did there?) that I took in Tokyo, Japan.

About JoinTheWorld’sBeauty

What made you start this project?

Not only do I love the art of photography per se, but I love the world, its people, different cultures, fine art, architecture, nature – you name it. There is so much beauty on this earth and many different perspectives can (and could) be found, especially when behind the lens. I realized that positivity in life is key, as much as an open mind. If we are open to seeing the little details, savoring the seemingly insignificant moments, and maintaining a rather artistic eye, then the beauty in all the different things surrounding us becomes evident. I have made it my mission to capture exactly that as I go – and combine it with thoughtful storytelling revolving around those images that portray life in different forms. I hope this site will inspire you to embrace the beauty. Join us!

Where do you want to take this site in the future? What is your ultimate goal?

JoinTheWorld’sBeauty shall be a source of inspiration for fine art in all there is around us, all captured photographically. As I mentioned, that includes nature, architecture, cultures, street scenes, people – and so much more. There is beauty – art – in everything, as long as we are open to it. Since these two are intertwined, they leave endless opportunities, as they are both limitless in themselves. Therefore, I see numerous opportunities for this site to grow, collaborate with meaningful brands, bring you special deals – all in the name of “beautiful perspectives.”
JoinTheWorld’sBeauty is open to discussing projects aligning with our mission and philosophy.  Reach out!

Do you ever consider including paid content?

As of right now, content on JTWB is free and will be for a while. As a source of inspiration, parts of it will always be freely accessible. But maybe, sometime down the line, we will include a paid subscription service offering exclusive content to those who want to read and see more than three articles a week. And, of course, we do hope that the interest to see MORE beauty in this world, to be open to changing one’s perspective, will ultimately be encouraged by this site.

Do you make money from this site?

Not at this point. We may include a few affiliate links, however, that we feel might be beneficial to you, our readers, and enhance your outlook on life. So, if you purchase anything through such an affiliate link, we might receive a small commission that will ultimately help us to continue creating high quality content for this site. But it is at no cost to you. In the near future, we will also give brands that we think are valuable and supporting our mission here at JoinTheWorld’sBeauty the opportunity to share their services or products with you. We will, however, be very selective.
If you are a brand and feel your mission might align with that of JTWB, please contact us for opportunities to collaborate.