Florence – capital of Italian Tuscany and an art metropolis not just of that particular region but for all of Italy. With thousands of years of historical, cultural, as well as economic development under the belt – or cobblestones – Firenze (Ital.) is a majorly multifaceted travel destination. It attracts those who appreciate art, especially Renaissance art. The city’s various and well-maintained facades tell the story of different eras throughout centuries.

Mix in some laid back Tuscan way of life and the carpe diem approach of its residents, and the city makes for the perfect “art enjoyed in the moment” package for its visitors.

Fountain of Neptune

Fountain of Neptune, situated on the Piazza della Signoria – Florence, Italy

The Art of Living – or Life as Art

According to UNESCO, sixty per cent of the world’s most important art calls Italy home. Half of that is said to be found in Florence alone. Just let that sink in. And, the city itself is art. It is a flowing, living portrait painted centuries ago that has lived through some of the most important époques of both architecture and art.

Here in Florence, people have understood the art of living. Life is a form of art and they take it day by day.

When wandering through the city’s charming little streets – and there are still many that are undiscovered and free of crowds – the visitor will come to appreciate the fine architectural details. In the Piazzale Michelangelo, on the contrary, life is in full swing, and the heart of Florence is pumping.  It is rightly draws crowds, providing on of the most panoramic and stunning views of this artsy metropolis.

Sculptures such as the famous Fountain of Neptune are well-liked, and stunning, masterpieces, and important parts of the city’s image. They are beautiful bridges between times long past and our world today, cultural milestones along the road of life and art.

Equestrian Monument of Cosimo I

Equestrian Monument of Cosimo I – A bronze statue in Florence, Italy

Whether constructed of stone, marble, or bronze, all the sculptures gracing the city grounds have hundreds of years of stories under their surface. This one in particular, the Equestrian Monument of Cosimo I, together with the Fountain of Neptune, are graphic visual reminders of the former ruler’s ambitions on both land and sea. They exude pride and elegance of a once powerful nation that is now even richer in historical resources. Both statues are to be found on the Piazza della Signoria.

Florence Tinted in Glowing Evening Light

When the Tuscan sun sets over Florence, the warm light gives the historical buildings a magical glow. At the end of the day, wander into Piazza Giuseppe Poggi, where you can enjoy dreamy sunsets with a glass of vino in your hand or a leisurely evening stroll. Admire the lush green scenery. Soak in the Tuscan – yes, so very creative – charm and spirit of Firenze.

Tower of San Niccolo

Dreamy sunset mood at Piazza Giuseppe Poggi reflected in the Arno river – Florence, Italy

The scenery, indeed the entire experience, is enchanting and captivating. The calm river Arno weaves its way through a spectacular setting. While only the actual visitor can truly appreciate this city and its atmosphere, photography can capture moments and tantalize with a taste of what is awaiting. Like a lover, the evening light gently caresses Florence’s buildings. Here, hearts beat in a rhythmic, slow pattern, mirroring the pulse of the moment. There, in the far distance, the sun slowly disappears behind the Tuscan hills and vineyards.

Florence Light Show

River view of Florence at night with glamorous light reflections – Florence, Italy

Returning to the city center after sunset, the visitor sees Florence aglow. The light, reflected in the water, shines as a reminder of the golden times. In fact, this marvelous city has never lost its luminous appearance to the world. After the sun has disappeared, the lights have come on. Life is pulsating on the piazzas and in the hotels around town. A treasure of a traditional, upscale hotel is the St. Regis Florence.

Little alleyways with unique and authentic restaurants host couples and friends who reminisce about life. They take it step by step, in the moment, feeling the joie de vivre, or as they say in Florence, “gioia della vita.”