Dreams are part of our daily lives. We all have them, no matter how content we may be. There’s always something we strive for, different for each of us; seemingly bigger and smaller goals. Dreams are the nature of our existence and will always be our inner fire that keeps us going and gives us hope. With the right mindset, perseverance, and right use of resources, dreams can become our real life.

The Anchor of Motivation

Functioning as the anchor of our daily motivation, dreams are the basis we thrive on. Dreams are not called dreams for nothing; they always seem to be something that is unattainable. When dreaming, we are led to believe that we’re being illogical, and that those “dreams” have nothing to do with the real world. “One can dream…”, we then tell ourselves and continue life as we know it.

Magic is the happiness that we create when we give ourselves permission to follow our dreams – Nattie Kate Mason

We underestimate the value of dreams and how they are the driving force. Dreams are big goals that we have. And yes, those cannot be achieved overnight. This is why patience and perseverance are essential in, little by little, setting smaller and more graspable milestones on the path to the bigger dream. Hence, less daunting and also less “utopian” will the process of dreaming be. And we will see how our lives begin to sparkle, as we slowly embrace the magic of letting ourselves give in to following our hearts.

Doing Within Reason

We grow up in societies where there are norms. Within those norms, we are being taught to act and grow. However, thinking about it, how can we possibly grow and fully open into who we want to be, chase what we truly believe is the right path for us, if we can only evolve within the societal constructs? It’s conflicting. We are told to “do it” – but, oddly enough, “within reason”.

Miami Lights
Seeing our differently shaped dreams brightly illuminated in the distance – Miami, USA

One might tilt their head, make a face, then reflect upon it and understand, that something is missing. And this “something” is the thorough appreciation for the ones who do, indeed, go against the set standards and truly follow their passions. Because it’s what makes them whole. If following your dreams means you need to break out of the limitations and constraints of the “what we need to do” mentality, then, be brave and let others call you “crazy”.

Because, frankly, it takes courage, but on the other hand, it is a freeing feeling – pure liberation – to give in to what truly drives you. And remember: It’s only envy speaking, coming from those who might see you in a different position, or think from a “but you should do” perspective.

We look into the distance and see, emerging on the horizon, our brightly illuminated dreams. The skyline is a perfect representation of our different hopes and desires that seem to be within such easy reach. Yet, we have to swim through the waters. The surface may seem calm, but the possible obstacles – the unknown – below it we can only tackle as we decide to be courageous and simply go. Following dreams also means figuring things out on the go, and comes with having to adjust the direction, all too often. Trial and error are immanent.

Balancing Head and Heart

In the process of following your dreams, the heart is, primarily, the leading force, dragging the mind along. It’s the pounding accelerator that fuels our desires to take the leap and “just go for it”. We need it for this very first step on a new path. This is so full of hope, motivation, passion, and moving emotions breathing life into us. Whatever the dream we want to make reality, those are the underlying driving factors. Although uncertainty is inevitable, it is overshadowed most of the time.

If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it – Wanda Sykes

To be truly successful in achieving what we dream of, we need to engage in the act of balancing head and heart. Emotion and reason. It’s the perfect combination of those to turn a vision into reality. Because, granted, society and its patterns are still present and playing an underlying role, even though we have decided to go “against the odds”. Goal-oriented thinking and the use of available resources, intertwined with an emotional, visionary approach, forms the key to getting closer to your dreams, step by step. And in this, we should never underestimate the power of pure passion, as we are best at what we are passionate about.

What dream(s) are you chasing?