Art is freedom, and vice versa. We possess the tools and methods to experience and express our feelings and messages in the most diverse ways. It’s the liberty of telling stories, artistically, in abstract forms sometimes only other open minds can comprehend. By the use of colors, shapes, and various forms we have an artistic language handy that allows us to bring across our message as a whole or simply empower imagination – without words.

Street Art – A Message

Street artists have an intention to engage with the broader audience through meaningful, creative installations or imagery on walls or the facades of buildings. Australian Melbourne is a mecca for street artists. Admired by many but is it completely legal? No. However, big-name artists like Bangsy spread powerful messages through often provocative imagery.

Hosier Street Art

One of the exceptional street art creations in Melbourne, Australia

Street art is “sort of” accepted and some works even get commissioned. It’s a modern art subculture. Street art, in addition to not being thoroughly legal, is also one of the preferred forums for communicating often rebellious messages about cultural and political happenings. Street art is mostly thought-provoking.

Art has a voice – let it speak. – Rochelle Carr

It goes against the norms of mainstream societal thinking. It challenges. Provokes. Is radical. It is art of the moment that can appear overnight – and disappear in minutes. Just like a number of creations in Melbourne, street art doesn’t have to be completely abstract despite the fact that artists do get very creative. Most people easily see a message in it – and that is the intention. The physical eye, most likely, can still understand – it bears a message, sometimes a real story mixed with a contemporary approach to a sub-form of art.

Personal Interpretation – Abstract Freedom of Minds

But there is art that centers around a photographed object, yet is creatively changed in a way that allows for personal interpretation. The physical eye might reach its limit and the mind needs to step in. Imagination. This is where we are approaching a different sphere of artsy thinking and creating.

Graffiti Castle Door

An interpration of an ultra modern castle door – Berlin, Germany

Colors are essential in impacting the beholder, and red in particular is known for making us highly alert. This modern castle door interpretation from vivd Berlin, Germany, combines both a historic object and ultra-modern photography and imagery manipulation tools for the finished work. It’s wild. It’s expressive. It draws people in.

Illusionary Reality

It is the epitome of the “illusion of reality.” Modern art through a photographic approach. The intentional play with highly aggressive colors let our minds race. If only we allow ourselves to become immersed in this different sphere, then we can let our imagination run free. The beauty of modern art is that it’s non-conformist. It’s oftentimes irrational – at first sight.

We need to embrace this ultra-modern, almost futuristic approach to art and it will open new doors – literally – for thinking and how we perceive the world at large. It challenges our minds and senses to perceive differently and to, thus, think from completely new angles.

Moving Art in Different Dimensions

And then there is art that lives and literally moves. It’s a photographic technique that allows the image to appear so vibrant. A reality – just like here, a tapas bar – becomes a hyper-reality that appears like a matrix, an added fourth dimension. Light and shapes merge. The observer gets sucked into the movement of the image at the speed of light.


Lightspeed experience in the Movida Tapas Bar – Melbourne, Australia

Perception. We need to have a certain level of appreciation and openness towards an art approach like this – to uncover the message that might be hidden on a deeper level – or to create our own. Anything goes. How does it move your senses? One way or another, you need to shift your thinking to other dimensions, just like the image, and let the work of non-objective art embrace you thoroughly.

“Energy and motion [are] made visible” – Jackson Pollock

Diving into the Photographic Experience

We have the chance to experience a photo, usually static, as a moving entity. We dive into it. It is not just a depiction of a place, but the image itself is a piece of art with a free message. You choose. The more abstract an image, the more the observer has the chance to let his mind wander, go deep, spin, and see with his inner eye, rather than the physical one. This process, this new way of seeing, triggers feelings and emotions, the deepest impact works of exploratory art can have. Just like our lives. Between finitude and infinity. We shall not limit ourselves.

Life is an abstract art, and it’s up to you to make sense of it. – Talismanist Giebra