What a beautiful, crazy, sheer colorful world out there. It is the result of personal self-creation, which, in the grand scheme of things, is painting this diverse world in all kinds of colors. It starts with the individual. The world is a more passionate, a realer, a more thriving place when one follows their inner voice and pursues the creation of their own life. That’s ideal. Of course, circumstances sometimes don’t allow you to immediately go for what fuels your desires. 

Yet it’s exactly those circumstances within which self-creation occurs. It’s what you make of it – for yourself. Why not take this as inspiration? Ideals are what each of us is striving for. And self-creation is one of the things that takes place gradually. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t “just happen”, for it takes work, effort, determination of the individual. But it is, indeed, possible to live the life you’re envisioning. 

The Highest, Living Art 

Some say that life is about finding yourself. I believe we should shift our gaze: Life is a creation. We’ve already found ourselves. We’re here. We start this life from zero – and then, once we reach a certain age, spread our wings, and take charge of our own path that we walk. We choose the direction that’s best for us at any given point. That’s when we, literally, take the next step towards creating our life. Every little bit that comes with it is in itself creative, for we create. 

Self-creation is the highest art – David Zindell

In all that, we are ultimately self-expressing ourselves. The creation of our own self is the most alive, fluid form of art there is. You never know what it looks like tomorrow, as everything surrounding us is determining the path each of us might potentially choose. Isn’t that the joy and excitement of this form of art – of self-creation? The unpredictable a new dawn brings allows us to become artistic and shape it into something that fits our lifestyles. 

Self-Creation in Each Moment

It may be true that our whole life is a grand masterpiece of self-creation, and, hence, our personal expression. This can look different for each of us both on the inside and outside. But we should see the creation of ourselves as a mosaic. Each step we take is meaningful. Each circumstance, obstacle, chance – call it whatever you like – is challenging us to make a decision. This, then, will determine the route we go and the form our life takes on. Therefore, each moment is important. It’s up to us how we react and make use of it. What do we make of what we’re involuntarily presented with?

Self-creation never ends. You are continually creating yourself from […] infinite possibilities. You are, in every moment, born again. […] – Neale Donald Walsch

Being unique in every situation by taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, so it fits our ideas in creating ourselves, is what sets us apart. Ask yourself in the moment: What can I use from it – regardless of whether it triggers negative or positive feelings – that fuels my very own self-creation process? We cannot control everything. We don’t have to. It’s our outlook and what we draw from each little moment that allows us to take another step towards creating our unique selves. We just have to listen to that inner voice. Carefully.

Following Your Own Standards

No matter how crazy: Be encouraged to follow your own standards. Feel inspired to not just create the life that might look good on the outside because you think this is what you should be doing. Rather, build that life based on your values, on what feels right. By doing so, you are creating your very self. Ultimately, you stay true to yourself. You don’t have to justify why you live the life the way you do. It’s highly creative and individual in itself.  

The self is also a creation, the principal work of your life, the crafting of which makes everyone an artist – Rebecca Solnit

Your “self”: a space that is holy, solely yours and is you, for that matter. With that, you are the artist of your life. Everyone is a creative, in that sense. Every little decision we make on the daily is a piece of the grand puzzle, which, on the flipside, is never really finished. It leaves room for more pieces to add as we’re moving through our individual sphere called life. And within the pool of human souls, be that individual who’s really embracing their existence as an artwork in the making. Not only are you creating your ideals, you are moving at your own pace, picking your own tools needed to shape this masterpiece to perfection over time.

We are all special. And it is this uniqueness in which we’re all, ironically, united. 

Start creating yourself, your life. You have the freedom to do so. It begins in your mind. What’s holding you back?