The greatest artist of all: nature. So seamless, so effortless does mother earth use her talent to paint on her very own canvas. It is a work of art – frequently moving. Unlike any other, this grand masterpiece is constantly evolving. Through the seasons, the natural artwork changes its many faces continuously and leaves us in awe as we realize the utter, eternal beauty that lies within every natural vein nourishing and creating the face of this earth.

A Living Artwork

How can we not turn to nature and have it touch all of our senses? Living within the harmony of this planet’s greatest creation – nature -, we should feel encouraged, each day to the new, to become a contributing part of this artistic masterpiece that’s alive. With all its creatures and plants, it has a soul and a heart that is beating in its own rhythm. As the dynamic creator of itself, nature possesses all the means needed to portray itself. Yes, it is a self-portrait. It is the sound of a musical masterpiece. It is poetry. It is a canvas in motion. It is all that art encompasses.

Colors are the smiles of nature – Leigh Hunt

What may look imperfect is, in fact, perfect. For nature thrives on the imperfectly perfect that allows it to be called “natural”. It impresses with designs that are impeccable and each season, although rotating throughout the year, is unlike any other. As a work of art in motion, we cannot forget to stop and take it all in. Because the next moment, it will all be different. Maybe not significantly, but time changes nature’s appearance. The colors transition, within which nature’s smile is ever-present.

The Purest of Tools

If we want to see what real, effortless art looks like, an art that is constantly evolving and redefining itself, we need to immerse ourselves into nature and look deeply. The surface, with its rough terrain, mountains, hills, seas, rivers, woods and forests, meadows and valleys, as well as desert is giving us as beholders – and also parts of the living artwork – a taste of the many faces that exist. Yet, we need to look closer to really see the tiny nuances and shades that mother earth consists of.

Structure – nature is using its own tools the weather provides to give its canvas structure – Zabriskie Point, Death Valley

In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light – Hans Hofmann

Everything has meaning. All there is in nature, no matter if certain things might look unfinished to us, serves a purpose in the grand cycle of the ever-changing natural work of art. That is because of the purest of tools that this earth is using for itself. The wind, the rain, the sun – the most basic but powerful means that aid in the creation of nature’s image.  

The utensils nature uses to reinvent and recreate itself lead to different textures, extraordinary structures and patterns, as well as stunning color combinations. The contrasts, shapes, and forms that come into being by the impact of the sun, rain, wind, and sea are abundant and varied. It serves as an example that the greatest creations are made by using the simplest, purest “natural” tools. And mother earth does it so wonderfully, lovingly, passionately with every stroke.

The Divine Ground for Inspiration

Nature is the real-life, living and breathing artwork that we all can consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of. It’s divine; initially made by a higher power. Nature is the one unique artwork. Therefore, all who aspire to create can only imitate what mother earth is presenting them.

All art is but imitation of nature – Seneca the Younger

The one who creates must find his rhythm within nature. He needs to find the inspiration to express himself seamlessly, or, as Henri Matisse puts it: “[…] in his own language.” Nature nurtures the creative mind – and the artist draws pieces from it to create after his own liking. Hence, the artist needs to feel it in his soul and feed his imagination from the abundance nature offers to him. Moreover, he needs to be able to see that the littlest of things are the most beautiful; oftentimes the most significant.

Those who are artistic feed from emotions that the outward world is triggering inside of them. They are especially susceptible to those feelings, as it is the nurturing ground of their individual creations. Nature nurtures. Nature touches. And nature is the original piece of art all other creations derive from.

Does nature touch and inspire your soul?