Infinity – what an exhilarating concept. We hear the term all too often but can we really grasp what’s behind it, its true meaning? Can we fully understand the concept of infinity? It is something that might go well beyond our imagination. And yet, isn’t imagination endless, hence, infinite?

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite – William Blake

If we freed our minds and were open to thoroughly embracing different perspectives, we would soon come to realize that we can always find a new angle from which we can perceive.

Therefore, infinity is something we can create for ourselves. It depends on our ability to think, feel, look outside of the box. This will show us just how many endless opportunities there are to interpret works of art and architecture.

Creating infinity in art might sound simple at first. However, to truly let a viewer’s mind believe there is no end, only the ongoing, and draw him into the artistic world of a never-ending (hyper-)reality, no matter the art medium, real skill is required. Creating the illusion of infinity is beautifully challenging and opens completely new spheres for both the artist and the beholder.

Illusion of an Infinite Double Helix Bridge

As a walkable masterpiece of architectural art, the Bramante Staircase is located inside the Vatican Museum. In fact, this name refers to two staircases – the original built in 1505 based on the creative mind of Donato Bramante, as well as the modern version of it. The latter was designed by Giuseppe Momo back in 1932. Visitors leave the museum over the stairs.  

Stairs to Eternity
Bramante Staircase – this double helix bridge is the modern version of its original, creating an illusion of infinity – Rome, Italy

The double helix bridge, meaning people can walk up and down without meeting one another, channels uninterrupted traffic. Originally, it was built to solve the problem of logistics for Pope Julius II, for it made it possible for him to reach his residence rather quickly in his carriage wearing his heavy vestment. Hence, he didn’t have to walk up flights of stairs.

Never-ending Staircase

Doesn’t the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland come to mind when we look at this image? It seems to be moving if our eyes follow the route of the spiralling stairs downward. The staircase is seemingly ending, yet, there is a black gateway – to the universe, world of infinity? There is a depth that makes this photograph alive and allows us to be a part of it. Let us walk the endless stairs, as they symbolize our journeys towards a destination unknown, and beyond. It comes with twists and turns. Symbolically, the staircase acts as a passageway between two worlds. One of them goes beyond our imaginative capabilities.

In the universe, the impossible occurs infinitely often, everywhere, at all times, under all conditions – Ion Soteropoulos

Infinite wisdom is unachievable. We can walk the stairs of life but they will continue endlessly. We seek knowledge and understanding of this galaxy and way beyond that. Step by step we acquire more wisdom and new doors open. Yet, it goes on and on; we can never know it all. It is impossible. There is always more. All knowledge, as we are an unimaginably tiny part of this universe, is unattainable. It is infinite.

This creatively interpreted shot is one of the special portfolio images in the World Collection and available for purchase.

How do you visualize infinity?