Hong Kong. Megacity. As a special administrative section within China, Hong Kong has been  granted high inner authority, which allows the city to thrive. With more than seven million residents, this place is in need of engineering creativity for space utilization and quality in life. And innovators are doing an excellent job.

Over the centuries, Hong Kong has seen many different architectural styles, reflecting the economic and cultural necessities and styles of its history. First was “lingnan” architecture – characteristic of farmer and fisher villages – prior to the arrival of the British. This gave way to three- and four-story buildings characterized by European and Southern Chinese styles, as the city grew in size under the British. Now, the rather traditional buildings have rapidly given way to new skyscrapers and modern constructions including impressive accommodation such as the Langham Hotel.

Architecture Overtaking Time

Hong Kong is a hub for modern, functional architecture. Only traces of history, here and there, are still present. The rest has given way to modern thinking – and building. Being its own authority helps tremendously with change and movement towards the future. This is why the city image of Hong Kong looks so very different from other Chinese urban centers. Here, architecture is surpassing time and creating a new era.

Futuristic Skyscrapers Hong Kong

Shiny and futuristic looking skyscrapers reaching high in the megacity – Hong Kong, China

The lack of city space forced engineers to think differently and start building sky high instead of wider. This exemplifies the motto “only the sky is the limit” – photographically portrayed above. Traditional, older buildings showing the face of history are surpassed by futuristic looking, contemporary creations. In fact, Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any other city. It boasts one of the most stunning skylines in the world with a medley of mountains in the back, looking over the Victoria Harbor, and featuring breathtaking, heaven-piercing architecture.

Technology to the Fore

Chinese traditions do, of course, still exist in Hong Kong.  Yet, this city is marching towards being a cosmopolitan metropolis, one that allows different people from all walks of life with various backgrounds and gifts to mingle, to create something bigger, more advanced. This city is a hub for new technology. Who knows what will be on the market tomorrow? Creative engineers with various perspectives come together in their (technological) visions for the people and its world.

Technology That Never Sleeps

Technology is big in Hong Kong and constantly advancing – Hong Kong, China

Apple seems to be everywhere these days. And, considering Hong Kong’s incredible technological advancement, it is only natural that this global giant has found a spot literally above the city streets. Doesn’t the image perfectly portray the superior role technology is taking? The symmetric structures also highlight the clean, straightforward thought processes and visions engineers and innovators have.  In this city, architecture and technology go hand in hand.

Hong Kong has created one of the most successful societies on Earth. – Prince Charles

A Continuous Flow Towards Advancement

Hong Kong has created a taste of the future for itself. This is what the city is striving for: future. Unstoppable. In large strides. Just like the traffic streaming, flowing through the heart of the city, weaving its way along the large streets, through the massive, futuristic illuminated skyscrapers that make everyone and everything else looks so small. But behold: Human thinking and manpower is what created these beasts of buildings.

Hong Kong Stream

The huge traffic stream converging with the ramparts of downtown Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is far from stopping. It will continue to glow, to advance, until it has reached the top ranks for its technological and architectural achievements in the world. But isn’t it there already? Architecture here is an artsy way of thinking. This city strives to exceed its own expectations for itself. It is second to none in the world.

Give Hong Kong to an Artist. He can use it. It can be poetised. – Baris Gencel

New formations of buildings seems to pop up more and more like beautiful, shimmering lights illuminating the city more and more. There is picture perfect architecture around the world – and Hong Kong is taking a top rank. Let’s not blink, as we might miss the next big innovation. This megacity is running its own marathon, completely making over its city image. More and more. Further and further. Watch out, it might be the next most diverse, future city with leaders whose engineer thinking is far from what we could possibly imagine today.