Jump on board of the Kuranda Scenic Railway and get ready for a ride through one of Australia’s most stunning regions – from Cairns at the Trinity Bay to Kuranda. You will marvel at the beauty of this country. You are in for one of the most exhilarating, unique rail journeys – passing through lush green rain forests teeming with life, passing waterfalls and rugged mountains. It’s all been here, for millions of years. But this two hour rail trip will be over in a heartbeat.

So, try not to blink but take it all in.

The Scenic Route – Earth’s Lungs

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Sightseeing attraction for railroad lovers in the middle of the rain forest – Kuranda, Australia

Welcome to the so-called “Wet Tropics”. As you hop on the train in Cairns in eager anticipation of the most scenic of rides, you find yourself that perfect window seat. Be prepared for a wonderful train ride that will take you through Queensland’s world heritage listed rainforest. Sit, and gaze at the ever-changing scenery over the next couple of hours. It’s a railway experience for all your senses.

If man doesn’t learn to treat […] the rainforest with respect, man will become extinct. – Peter Benchley

As you sit on one of the spacious seats, drink in hand, and listen to the commentary along the way for an even greater experience, you see the abundance of exotic flora and fauna pass you by. Hear the birds chirp, the trees rustle, and the waterfalls’ soothing sound. Look out for the impressive Barron Falls that are even more spectacular during the rainy season.

The sounds, the scents, the views – let your head and hands hang out, take it all in, taste the humid, earthy air and soak in the breathtaking rainforest scenery. It sure is a train ride through a different world so full of life in every respect. Then, again, sit back, relax and enjoy nature’s colorful, lush game. Allow it to impress you – it won’t take any effort.

The Historic Way – Queensland’s Green Heritage

Kuranda Railway Emblem

Logo of the scenic railway in Kuranda, Australia

As the train weaves its way over the 37 bridges, through 93 curves and 15 hand-dug tunnels, you will soon come to realize that this is not only a scenic route. The Kuranda Scenic Railway is full of history. It began as a great project back in the 1880’s and was finished after eight years of hard work. Pay attention to the terrain you’re journeying  through, the steep mountains and all the edges, curves. Surely, this railway project was anything but easy. Australia is deservedly proud of this very special heritage and important part of Queensland’s history, which is now more than 120 years old.

Kuranda – Village in the Rainforest

The train slows down; you will arrive shortly. The end of this journey is only the beginning of your next voyage of exploration. As you peek out of the window, eagerly waiting to leave the train, you can sense that this is a special place – located on top of a rainforest mountain, 1000 ft above Cairns. In this authentic Australian village you will be able to experience original arts and crafts and the love for everything nature – and, hence, natural. As you wander the original and heritage markets, let yourself be embraced by the spirit of Australia.

Kuranda Horse Pasture

A moment of silence and grace – Kuranda, Australia

Kuranda – The Village in the Rainforest. With not even a couple thousand people living here, it is a place that has well-preserved its history and cultural charm throughout centuries despite it drawing in visitors from near and far. Peace and quiet await you, and the exotic sounds of the rainforest that will be music to your ears. Welcome to a different kind of world that, as soon as you step out of the train, will enchant you. Breathe.

Peak through the lush green trees and bushes, spot the residents’ horses grazing quietly on meadows. Here, the world is in harmony. It seems untouched. And even if it was only for this, the train ride from Cairns would be well worth it.

You are invited to stay awhile.