What comes to your mind when you hear someone talk about Los Angeles? The buzzing, large California city, dreamy sunsets by the beach, surfing, little pockets of neighborhoods all around the big metropolis, vibrant nightlife, royal palms emerging all along the boulevards, maybe Rodeo Drive and, of course, Hollywood? I am throwing in just a few things that, spontaneously, pop into my head. Those are clichés, yet, they are not.

LA may just be the city of cities portrayed in numerous movies throughout decades. The “big smoke”, an ever moving and evolving city that presents opportunities; that smells like success; that allows you to fully unfold your (creative) potential. I believe it is a city that gives us space to grow, to be, or to become who we are aspiring to be, what we are striving to achieve. 

Fashion, fame, fun and a whole lot of creativity – LA is where our spirits can roam free. And that, certainly, makes the so-called City of Angels so incredibly attractive to many. Fascination La La Land – it stems from all there is and all there can be. 

Versatility in Life and Surroundings

The people are quirky, extravagant, hip, edgy, classy – all of the above and more. There is no personality trait you won’t find in this megacity. From bold fashion finds, to up-and-coming bands, or a radically new idea for a movie or TV show, chances are, the fresh take on anything in the entertainment and fashion industry is sparked in La La Land. The city is constantly innovating itself, testing out new things. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and in that lies the beauty of self-realization: anything is technically possible; (almost) everything is accepted. 

It’s amazing to think that this city has developed rapidly only in the past century. Sprawl is the term urban planners use to describe LA’s urbanization. There’s a dynamic that must be experienced. 

In Los Angeles, you can have the city life and feel like you’re on holiday at the same time – Isabel Marant

Surrounded by stunning nature, specifically the San Gabriel Mountains, it also makes for picturesque visuals. Of course, the beaches, but also the mountains and the desert are at one’s fingertips. Talk about a versatile environment both in terms of nature and city life.

Cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway, top down or windows open. Feel the warm breeze on your face, smell the ocean driving through Venice and Malibu, and see the palm trees rush by. Drive up the hills to the Griffith Observatory as the sun disappears behind the horizon and watch the flickering lights of the city, covered by a layer of haze, which, surprisingly, adds to the atmosphere in the “Big Smoke”. In many ways, LA feels like a utopia: what is and what can be. 

Where One Can Dream

Los Angeles fascinates many of us; the dreamy beach scenery is just one of the reasons why it attracts many – Los Angeles, USA

People have high hopes for themselves in this city. It provides the nourishing grounds to grow into whatever direction someone’s heart desires. Is it music? Is it the dream of becoming an actor or actress? Maybe bringing one’s art into a gallery? Or it is the hope of seeing one’s movie – written, crafted – brought to life on screen? Just to mention a few common paths people who choose the City of Angels desire to go. Los Angeles is a place where one can dream. Dreams know no limits. But the work has to be put in, which is a simple fact. 

It seems to me that Los Angeles is a city filled with dreamers – David Howard

How wonderful it is to be in an environment that allows dreaming, even encourages it. No idea seems to be too crazy to pursue. Everyone is different, and in exactly that colorful difference, people unite and thrive. Blame it on the sunshine and palm tree vibes; it brings out the best in people. There is a certain aura that makes it easy for people to believe in themselves. As the gateway to one’s very personal fame, so it seems, La La Land provides the starting point for creative, success hungry souls. The southern California sun seems to, all of a sudden, make putting in the hard work necessary a tad easier. Because one gets a taste of the good life – and that motivates tremendously. 

Hollywoodland without Limits

Originally, the Hollywood sign read “Hollywoodland” – a land for growth, new beginnings, and creative endeavours. For artists, musicians, actors, models, there are sheer endless opportunities to grow if one is willing to seek them out and grasp onto them. Los Angeles is not about the straight shot towards a famous life; it, more so, embodies the different stages one goes through to make it to the top. The chances are out there, and so is the personal success.

Los Angeles is a place for the kind of people who are willing to try something new. […] who want to build a new world – Dorothy Chandler

It’s, in the end, about how badly you want it and are eager to pursue those goals. Patience, oftentimes, is key. And so is perseverance. But Hollywoodland knows no limits. And that is exactly why it fascinates people, and has done so for decades. 

Invent and Be Yourself

Los Angeles is a fluid city. They say it’s made up of 72 different suburbs, forming that incredibly large area of LA, where it takes you two hours to drive from the east to the west side, from north to south. People have their little pockets of the city that they call home; those are worlds in themselves. Stepping outside of a certain LA area might show you a whole different vibe. And that’s, thinking about it, crazily beautiful. One city, yet various atmospheres, personalities, beliefs, lifestyles.

I love Los Angeles. It reinvents itself every two days – Billy Connolly

This city is the epitome of diversity. That is because it doesn’t matter where you come from, you are sure to find your spot in town. That’s inspiring and inviting. This metropolis, surrounded by gorgeous nature, is drawing you in and pushing you forward. Spread your wings and follow that curiosity. Stay a while, find your groove, or continue to move on, within the city or beyond. But realize that, if you immerse yourself fully in La La Land, beautiful things may just happen in your life. 

What is your favorite part about LA?