Siegfried and Roy are pretty much legends. They are the ones who bravely get up close, eye to eye, with the powerful, absolutely gorgeous and rare white tigers. But they also have great talent with other exotic animals. Almost hidden in America’s gambler paradise Las Vegas is the Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy. Right by the famous hotel, The Mirage, the garden is accessible to the animal and nature conscious visitor.

Hidden Leopard

A majestic leopard, hidden behind leaves in Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden – Las Vegas, USA

Face to Face with Nature’s Most Extraordinary Souls

A  large sanctuary for some of  nature’s most special creatures, Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden is tucked away – improbably – on the buzzing Las Vegas Strip.  Anyone interested in their legacy knows just what a special place it is. Visitors can experience the majestic black leopards, the rare white tigers, as well as the kings of Africa – the very special white lions and their cubs. They might seem sleepy and relaxed, yet, their character prevents them from being unaware. They are always alert and carefully eying the visitor.

White Lion

One of the very rare white lions – Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden – Las Vegas, USA

This Secret Garden is more than just a fascinating place for wild animal appreciators. It is also a place for reflection on something bigger: our duty as humans. We share this world; it is our responsibility to be mindful, to act, to give every species their natural habitat and, hence, the ability to thrive on this planet. We are the ones who can take action and have the means to initiate change.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. – Abraham Lincoln

The separate dolphin habitat is a playful environment. Visitors can get close to the curious and smart souls that so happily approach everyone who comes near them with good intention. Dolphins are peaceful creatures of our deep blue oceans. Here, they are advocates for their brothers and sisters living in that sensitive, wild habitat.

Smiling Dolphin

A dolphin during the Training Show in Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden – Las Vegas, USA

Siegfried and Roy – Commitment to Preservation

Siegfried and Roy’s mission is to teach tolerance towards all species on earth, especially the most vulnerable ones who, at first sight, seem to be the most powerful. But that is a fallacy. All ecosystems on this planet are intertwined. Therefore, we need to respect those exotic beings that cannot speak for themselves. Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden encourages visitors to think, reflect, and make a difference.