They call it the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. And while this may be very true, there’s more to Vegas than just the immense gambling and show scene. There are hotels that represent different parts of the world; hotels that are themed; hotels that embrace glitz and glamor; and hotels that are an actual experience, not just “some place to spend the night”. From the Venetian Resort – formerly The Venetian and Palazzo -, The Wynn, MGM Grand Hotel, the iconic The Cosmopolitan, to the famous Bellagio with its daily, impressive water fountain show, it is safe to say that they are taking the hotel experience to the next level. And trust me, I had the opportunity to check them all out first hand.

Las Vegas does it bigger, better, and more excitingly. Be prepared to be wow-ed the moment you officially set foot on the notorious Strip. A macrocosmos in itself that brings the outside world together in the form of the hyper-real. Replicas galore. Are you ready for Vegas extraordinaire?

Never Sleeping, Always Hosting

Las Vegas is a great host. Offering something for everyone, an experience, an adventure, something to take home – physically or emotionally -, the crazy city that welcomes people from all walks of life, of various backgrounds, is doing its job as a super-host nicely. No matter your biorhythm, Vegas has got you covered.  

Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. It never stops – Eli Roth

Going non-stop, it’s impressive how the only approximately 4.2-miles-long Strip can keep you busy all day – and you still haven’t seen everything. From Venice, to New York, and back to Paris, you can “travel” to different places within a matter of a couple hours or less. And yet, it apparently takes you 288 years if you attempted to sleep in every single hotel room this entertainment mecca has to offer. Crazy? That’s Vegas’ middle name. 

Be prepared to see some interesting, weird, fun, totally mind-blowing things (and characters, for that matter) on The Strip. Looking for free entertainment? People watching is, undoubtedly, taken to another level here. After the sun has set, having tinted the mountains in a lovely rosé color, Vegas is ready to set the scene. 

Rosé sunset over Vegas, a moment of calm, it seems, before the glitz of the night – Las Vegas, USA

Glowed up and some cash to play the games in their pockets, the crowd heads out (or simply down to the ground floor) to immerse themselves in a world far away from everyday life. Music playing, drinks served, all-time favorite shows such as Cirque du Soleil in full swing, various top comedians making their audience belly-laugh, world-class magicians tantalizing the crowd. Welcome to a night out, post-dinner at finedining hot spots such as Prime, Le Cirque, Twist, or Picasso, just to mention a few examples.

Crazy Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Crazy is how you define it for yourself. However, if want to see, first-hand, what it can possibly mean, head out to Vegas. A little bit of glitz, a little bit of glamour, and a whole lot of “out of the ordinary and nothing that’s done on a daily basis”, that may just sum it up. Who would have thought, back in the days, that this city was to become so popular? It has got sass and class. It’s weird. It surprises, is extravagant, and it changes constantly. Yet, it stays the same, as it is a place for entertainment seekers like nowhere else on this globe. It’s an artificial world so mesmerizing that all you can do is let the atmosphere guide you.

Las Vegas is a city built on hopes, dreams, and a little bit of crazy – Michael McDonald

Head up the 1,149 ft tall Stratosphere. Grab a drink. Look down on the bustling city. Alternatively, if you’ve got the nerves, jump on one of the rides going over the edge of this nation’s tallest freestanding observation tower. Vegas has no limits. Hope has no limits. Dreams know no boundaries. And if you need to feel inspired, see life from a whole new perspective. Shake things up, you know where to go.

Famous in the World

Vegas is famous not just in the U.S., but across borders. The city has made a name for itself that evokes images in the minds of those who hear its name and talk about this very unique desert city. So special, indeed, that, if looked down on from space, it’s by far the most luminous place on earth. 

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, is the city’s most successful marketing campaign of all time and was used by the Las Vegas Conventions and Visitors Authority back in 2002. The slogan went viral and made Las Vegas become a brand instead of just being a destination. It’s noisy, it’s wild, it’s colorful – and (almost) everything is allowed.

“Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas – Drew Carey

This city in the Nevada desert is a fast-paced place for thrill seekers, show enthusiasts, lovers of the games, those who appreciate upscale dining experiences and world-class hotels, as well as a good dose of extravagant craziness. Generally speaking, Las Vegas is for those who feel the urge to escape the everyday and enter an extraordinary bubble that – just like that – can be left after a night, a few days (whenever real life calls again), taking the memories with them. Quietly re-enjoying or telling the stories. It’s up to you. But remember: What happens in Vegas … is welcome to stay in Vegas, if you like. 

Now, it’s time to let yourself be wow-ed. 

What’s your impression of Vegas? What’s your favorite time to visit Vegas?