The world is a crazy place. Crazily beautiful, surprising, and inspiring. We are lucky to call this earth our playground in so many ways. There is so much to discover, so many things to see and do, that each of us simply won’t have the chance to explore it all. Yet, we can live our lives purposefully, maybe even make a list of “crazy things to do”. And how about we completely redefine the term “crazy”, anyway? And suddenly, we see life from a different angle.

Free Your Soul

Beach Landing
Beach Landing – what a crazy world it is out there, ready for us to explore – Sint Maarten, Caribbean, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Going crazy – let’s take a different approach to this expression. Not seeing it in a negative way, it can simply mean that we are “crazy about life”, that we do all the things and go all the places that are not the norm but are things that fulfill our souls. And, to be honest, there are some very thrilling places out there, as shown by the photo above.

And while we’re at it: Let’s free our souls in the process. It is so easy for us to get attached to what society thinks, to that whole “we should be doing” attitude. But does being prisoners of societal stigmas truly make us happy? Are we truly the persons that we think we should be? With this, we limit our souls and, ultimately, our own happiness.

On a day to day basis, our hearts are battling our minds, and vice versa. Heart – our deepest emotions – and reason – knowing what we are expected to do, how we are supposed to act.

We mature in knowledge and wisdom but never leave the playground of our hearts – Terri Guillemets

Our soul is trapped somewhere in-between. Deep down inside we know who we want to be, but we need to have the courage to let our souls run free. Only then are we able to unleash our real personalities and pursue what truly fulfills us. Whatever it is, no matter if it would potentially be labeled as “crazy”, do it, if it’s what your soul desires.

Because freeing our souls means detaching from all expectations, being happy with who we ourselves as individuals are, and not caring about living up to the standards of others. Because when you neglect yourself to do what others think you should or be who others believe you should be, then you literally “go crazy”.

Unleash Your Inner Child

Harlequin – have fun and unleash your inner child, making life more colorful – Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

What would life be, if we gave our inner child a chance to come out and play? How would we perceive the world? We tend to get caught up in “growing up”. What does that mean, anyway? That we cannot see the colorful, playful side of life anymore? What is the cutoff age at which we feel that, now, we need to be serious? There is and should not be such a thing. Keeping the fun, staying partly wild and silly, is the key to a happy life. Sounds that simple? We believe it is.

Everyday life as an adult comes with challenges, decisions to make, and the mere fact that we think we have to do life a certain way now because we’re older. Yet, why does having responsibilities, which we all certainly do and most likely won’t be able to get around, mean that we have to take life so very seriously?

Let’s throw some imaginary confetti around, shake off the negative thoughts – if only for a moment – and look at life as a beautiful, shimmering bubble. We are in it and have the capability of marveling at the little things from our inner child’s perspective. Stop. Pause. Wonder.

He who can no longer pause to wonder […] is as good as dead; his eyes are closed – Albert Einstein

Life From a Child’s Perspective

Seeing life from children’s perspective makes it so much sweeter. They don’t expect much, yet they dream big in such an innocent way. Open your eyes. We don’t have to be “grown up”. In fact, there’s really no set definition of what character traits this actually entails. Be you; give that younger, wondering version of yourself a chance to come out again.

If we allow ourselves to stay curious and open-minded, happiness will be at our fingertips. Hence, look at the little things as if they are great wonders. With eyes wide open.

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do – Jean de la Bruyere

Enjoy the moments; they pass too fast. Don’t worry about what’s next. It’s hard, but it’s doable and oh so liberating once you’ve tried. It’s a mind game. Remember: The glass is always half full instead of half empty.

Lastly, if we are able to imagine and to fantasize, to not have any prejudices or ideations, this world shines brighter for us than before. Let’s have a jolly, crazy good time on its playground. If that sounds crazy, well, then we should certainly all go crazy.

How do you unleash your inner child and go a little “crazy”?