Where you live defines who you are – or at least has a pretty fundamental impact on your life per se. Or, maybe, we ourselves feel drawn to live in places that best fit our ideals and visions of a life we aspire to create? It’s the story of the hen and the egg (which came first?) but the truth of the matter is that where we live leaves an impact on us, one way or another, whether we chose that place or happened to move there by circumstance. 

Brooklyn Heights made the list of the top 10 neighborhoods in New York. Cobblestone, tree-lined streets, a calmer vibe but a very authentic, traditional New York flair. Referred to as “America’s original suburb”, Brooklyn Heights is attracting those who enjoy the finer things, yet a laid-back life with a little bit of a slower pace, without missing out on amenities such as many pop-up eateries, traditional bars, coffee shops and other unique stores. It is an elevated atmosphere. The waterfront boasts views on Manhattan; the New York feeling is real, just from a different perspective. Soak it in. Brooklyn Heights – a lifestyle. 

Historic Vibes in the Midst of the Urban

Brooklyn Heights is a rather elegant, calmer, sophisticated part of the New York borough of Brooklyn. Its architecture is characterized by sandstone; the shops and particularly the traditional bars have maintained that good old New York charm. Here, the people of Brooklyn Heights meet for a chilled drink at the end of a busy day, in an environment that is city-like, yet exudes a rather suburban aura. Henry Street is where it’s at. Situated along the East River, Brooklyn Heights is a wonderful place to spot the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. The thoughtful landscaping and manicured playgrounds and sidewalks invite to spend time outside with family and friends. Here, Brooklyn Bridge Park is that green space within a megacity.

[…] always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and beauty in the world – F. Scott Fitzgerald 

It is its own little world in the midst of a bustling city, and has been since 1834. That was when the area was still referred to as “Brooklyn Village”. The typical, so called pre-Civil War “brownstone row houses” are found all around this part of town among some jaw-dropping mansions. Here, history is preserved. In fact, as the first neighborhood in the Big Apple, Brooklyn Heights was protected by the Landmarks Preservation Law in 1965. It truly does give you a neighborhood feel, instead of a city rush. Those enthusiastic about architecture find different styles right here, including: Victorian Gothic, Classical Revival, and Neo-Grec among others. Brooklyn Heights Historic District, as of 1966, has been part of the National Register of Historic Places. Feel that elevated beauty and the traditional spirit of New York – right here. 

It’s a Life in Style

Despite many churches found in Brooklyn Heights, art lovers will appreciate the fact that Brooklyn’s very first art gallery opened its doors right here, back in 1958. Nowadays, the Brooklyn Arts Gallery is high on the list of most noteworthy galleries to visit when in Brooklyn. In this little part of the borough, life is lived in style. It has its very own pace thatmay be slower than in the rest of the city, but it is not less exciting. It just takes different turns. It’s for those who like it calmer, yet enjoy the convenience this thriving city life brings; it attracts families who look for a slightly more suburban feeling; it’s for the ones who really want to embrace this warm, original New York vibe. 

Brooklyn Heights, America’s original suburb, where life is slowing down slightly, where the traditional New York feel prevails – Brooklyn, New York

There is this coziness in the air when you turn around the corner, just to see another ivy-wrapped rowhouse; look up and see the leaves rusting, gently moving with the breeze. You come across another archway; discover a new side street. Brooklyn Heights is always good for a surprise. You will feel the serenity, the peace, that will leave you inspired. Harmony within a city, it seems. It is almost dreamy.

[…] I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie – Ryan Adams

Now, only imagine it in the autumnal sun, when the leaves are changing. Imagine wandering the streets, passing the little cafés, shops, the lovely historic houses. Your hands wrapped around a cup of hot coffee or tea. There’s this chill of a cooler season lingering. You pull your scarf up a little more towards you chin. The golden light dances through the trees, warms the tip of your nose. And you stop, once more, and look at those dreamy houses, with the original courtyards. And your heart warms. There’s just something about Brooklyn Heights. That New York Brooklyn feel is real.

Keeping It Brooklyn Fresh

This is the part of town where the upper middle class is said to reside: Brooklyn Heights. It’s a posh part of town; that upscale suburban living. The quieter neighborhood, yet not missing out on the benefits of the big city that is only 20 to 30 minutes away. The ideal place; the best of both worlds. 

Brooklyn (Heights) is known as a relatively liberal part of town. Despite the upper middle class crowd living in this district, there’s the young people, the hipsters, the art-centered, the creative folks that call this area their hub. Something about this tradition-inspired charm, the historic houses, inspired many people to follow their creative vein. Brooklyn attracts artists – and makes them, ultimately. It is more casual than Manhattan, allows room to grow, yet, it is only a stone’s throw away from it. 

Brooklyn’s good. [It’s] funky. Brooklyn’s happening –  Waris Dirie

The historic atmosphere remains, wherever you go, coupled with a funky fresh artistic spirit. And then there’s a number of celebrities, whose roots run back to Brooklyn, such as Barbra Streisand and Eddie Murphy. Residing in Brooklyn Heights in particular are well-known actors Matt Damon and Paul Giamatti. They know the value of a peaceful place in a part of New York that is still central to everything else surrounding it. A little bubble within the hustle and bustle of the big city rush. And since it is one of those places in New York that is a true “original”, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Brooklyn Heights served as a location for many movies: No Reservations, Delivery Man, and The Immigrant just to mention a few. 

Brooklyn Heights, and Brooklyn at large, is a part of New York that constantly creates and innovates, while keeping its original New Yorker spirit and inspiring many, surprising with calmer, gorgeous spaces in a lively megacity. 

What’s your favorite part about New York?