It was the weekend of Prince Harry’s wedding, which was the epitome of a marriage between royal English traditions and the beginning of a new, contemporary chapter many Brits were hoping to see. The royal family was welcoming a new member who is different than what the world had seen before. This highlights what London’s architecture and overall city image has already been conveying for years: the merging and co-existence of an old and new era.

Because just like that: England’s capital London is a vibrant metropolis with history behind every old brick. Old, historic buildings merge wonderfully with contemporary architecture. It is hard to fathom the extent to which culture and history are embedded in this highly attractive city. Famous landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, however, are another symbol of the connection between the old and new world. It connects the highly historic Tower of London with the South Bank, where many contemporary institutions and buildings can be found.

The Pelham

The Pelham Hotel in London’s posh part Kensington – London, UK

Traces of History

The Pelham Hotel is a longstanding boutique hotel. It is located in a Victorian style house just across from the underground station South Kensington. This is an area in London that, to this date, is know for its high-class boutiques, chic and elaborate houses, as well as lush green gardens. The English are proud of their heritage, proud of their achievements as a country. Hence, their pride extents through the up-keeping and restoration of their beloved old architecture. The face of history shall remain visible to anyone. After all, Englishmen have been proud conquerors and achievers throughout history.

The British are special. […] In our innermost thoughts we know it. This is the greatest nation on earth. – Tony Blair

Along with tradition, as well as a deep-rooting art and culture scene, goes English pride. Here on old English ground, where the cobblestone streets and Victorian houses tell a story of their own, art holds a very special place.

Artsy English Capital

London has countless bigger and smaller art galleries that invite the visitor to wander and wonder. They allow one to experience new forms of art and photography. The viewer is urged to develop a sharp eye for the creators’ intentions behind every piece portrayed. The art scene is booming in this cosmopolitan city. It allows for creative minds to find a place to freely express themselves, whether it be in the hip and modern street art scene of Shoreditch or in the National Gallery in the heart of the city. The latter draws in lovers of classic paintings and a more conservative painting style.

The creative mind finds great space on London soil and many options to educate itself. The Natural History Museum is only one example of notable museums in the heart of London. Historic houses in narrow streets are alive to this day and allow the mind to travel through time. So does the amount of information you find in the Natural History Museum – a wealth of knowledge and answers to questions we might not yet have figured out to ask, and leave us wondering.

Untold Tales of London’s Heart

The Buckingham Palace is the heart of history and traditions of England. It’s where royalty has been ruling for centuries. Only few people know what it really looks like behind closed walls and grumpy looking guards. Early 19th century design is to be found in the palace located in the City of Westminster. With 775 reported rooms in total, this building holds stories, most of which will remain untold.

We stop and wonder about all the tales this historic city of London has yet to tell. We gaze at the stunning Victorian architecture and the mix of old and new. It shows how much this metropolis has been moving with the times, while managing to preserve its well-mannered traditions.