Los Angeles – film mecca of the U.S. west coast, and, in fact, of the world at large. The Universal Studios of Hollywood is not just one of the biggest movie production conglomerates, but also an absolutely fun theme park that allows an insight into movie worlds on top of thrilling rides. Dive into a world of film and fascinating effects away from the ordinary routine.

Universal – Global Excitement

The globe of the Universal Studios is the perfect symbol. It represents not just the name of the Universal Studios, but also its standing in the global filmmaking sphere. Pretty much everyone has heard of this movie production company which is part of the six major U.S. film companies. Founded by Carl Laemmle, Universal Studios opened their doors to visitors for the first time in 1915 – and have since expanded and evolved rapidly.

“[…] I loved magic tricks. When I saw how movies got made – at least had a glimpse […] -, I [felt] this was another means by which I could do magic. – J. J. Abrams

And that’s exactly what this place is, for young and old: a seemingly magical one, where the art of filmmaking is presented in a fun, hyper-real way.

Further, the Universal globe is also emphasizing the fact that right here, people from all around the world come together to experience what this movie theme park has to offer. And that is a lot. So, be prepared to be there first thing in the morning and spend a day literally being “in the movies”.

Fun and Action for Everyone

Just like in the Hollywood movies: A little action is a must and gives you that bit of a thrill ride that gets your adrenaline high. The Jurassic Park boat ride is one of the many main attractions. Are you ready to travel back in time and encounter the majestic, partly terrifying dinosaurs? Universal Studios is planning on opening “Jurassic World”, an attraction that will excite their visitors and allow a glimpse into the world of dinosaurs – and the blockbuster hit – coming to the park in 2019.

Movie settings come alive outside of the screen and give visitors an opportunity to be part of the spectacular shows, stunts, and entertainment. Themed rides are fun, transporting you through a world of film characters and scenes. Ready to leave real life behind for a while and enter thoughtfully created movie worlds?

Movie Characters Alive

Just when you thought being able to look behind the scenes and become a part of the world of a specific movie itself was exciting enough, you’ll meet an actual living film character. What is fiction? What is reality? The lines become blurry when entering the action-intense science fiction world of Transformers. Granted, technology and, hence, human innovation, have come a long way – and this is, undoubtedly, helpful in the movie entertainment field.

Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world. – Jean-Luc Godard

As you become a part of the enthralling Transformers live show, you will almost forget about the real world out there. Special effects, hyper-real Transformers imitations, and a breathtaking immersive experience will have you, once back in real life, amazed at what technological means – and cinema in general – can do with our minds these days.

Real-Life Movie Sets

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios – Los Angeles, USA

Whether you have read the book and then watched the movie – or the other way around – Universal Studios are creating a wizardy world that is full of magic and wonder. Feeling like you need to step into another world that is far from the ordinary? Here, you can. It is amazing how, even though we know it’s not the reality per se, our brains get tricked to an extent that we, for some time, wander the streets of a movie scene that we perceive as real at this very point. Yet, we have become part of an artificially created world that technically only exists on the screen – but is a reality at that very moment.

Fully embrace this wizardy adventure if you’re a Harry Potter fan. You now have the chance to become your own character in the story setting.

The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is already reproduced. The hyper-real. – Jean Baudrillard

Movie worlds make us happy; they bring us joy. They allow us to leave the ordinary world for a little while and let our hearts and minds fully embrace dream world creations – or hyper-reality, that is. Movies, technology, entertainment – how far they’ve come; how fascinating they are from a psychological standpoint.