The movement in downtown LA resembles a continuous blood flow through the veins of the city. Los Angeles is life that never really seems to slow down, although sunsets by the beach might be deceptively calm if only for a moment – before you weave your way through downtown traffic once more. The flow of the city draws us in. It’s almost mesmerizing. Los Angeles is life. Time keeps ticking, yet it might as well stand still as we stop and watch the evening traffic stream by, so almost wonderfully soothingly.

Los Angeles Flows

LA is flowing art. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and we need to have exactly this artsy and architectural eye to see this miraculous city in an even brighter light. It is a moving canvas with static and flowing structures that interact so beautifully together – while life pulsates through the many corners and open spaces, unable to freeze.

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline at Twilight

Downtown Los Angeles financial district skyline at rush hour. The streaming evening traffic along the freeway looks like the veins of a huge pulsating city – California – USA

There is something about Los Angeles that fascinates us. We each have our own reasons. Yet, it’s a fact that it is a captivating city with many faces, shapes, and sizes. Architecture speaks. Although the skyline is not the most iconic one in the world, LA has been drawing in Americans and visitors from other places alike. Because it is LA. The place in California where you can make or break it. The place on the U.S. west coast where anything seems possible. Where dreams are alive. The City of Angels that never seems to rest and carefully keeps its stories of many masterminds’ creative ideas hidden in the architectural structure of its impressive buildings.

Emerson College

Emerson College, 5960 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, designed by Director Thom Mayne 2014.

Architecture That Lives

Designed by Morphosis architects, this stunning, contemporary and lively building is Emerson College located in the heart of Hollywood. It is an example of this futuristic, ever pulsating image of Los Angeles – of how it never stops moving. The various forms and shapes from the outside symbolize just what is happening behind the glass walls: student life. Interaction. Education and furthering one’s knowledge. Going beyond. Living. Breathing.

I love Los Angeles. It reinvents itself every 2 days. – Billy Connolly

The flowy walls of the concrete and light structure express exactly that. Multi-level terraces shaded by textured metal scrim, married with different shapes are the face of the modern Los Angeles. LA will never stop pulsating. It will always be center of creative, architectural innovation that moves with the times and lets stories speak. Always one step, one move, ahead.

Venice at Sunset

Sunset on the beach outside of Los Angeles.

Slow-Paced Life Outside of the City

A little outside of the buzzing downtown area, life seems to calm down so it seems. But is it? The heart of the city is still pumping blood through its veins that reach the areas a little further away. After all, it is one body – one stream of blood supplying oxygen essential to breathe. Here at the outskirts of this vibrant city, shapes and patterns still do exist. Life takes a deep breath before circling back into the city’s heart.