A clean, fresh, and open design with art surrounding you – the fabulous Getty Center. As one of the world’s largest art institutions, with two locations in Los Angeles and Malibu, this artistic place is inviting you, the visitor, to stay awhile.

The building itself was completed in 1997, and is part of an organization originally founded by billionaire J. Paul Getty. He is also the one who collected the more than 50,000 works of art – from sculptures, to traditional paintings, and photography – that are freely accessible to the public. “The Getty” is comprised of the art museum, and the research and conservation and leadership institutes. Immerse yourself in incredible art and let the spirit of this center take over.

Wander. Wonder. Appreciate. Be inspired.

Contemporary Design

Welcome to The Getty. Walk up the stairs and feel the fresh breath of modern designs that will draw you in. Different materials used create a clean and light atmosphere welcoming the visitor. The Center is home to many changing exhibitions and features a grand collection of art ranging from the Medieval Ages to our modern era.

Take your time and travel back in art history embraced by buildings that show a highly contemporary design. Four pavilions host a glimpse into different centuries of art. Keep an open mind and let the many pieces of art guide you. The more you see, the greater your thirst to experience more.

My love of fine art increased – the more of it I saw, the more of it I wanted to see. – J. Paul Getty

As you wander the grounds, you will find lots of open spaces. Here, you can breathe and clear your mind – just like the designer intended. Around every corner you will find new inspiration. Flowing architectural designs and materials such as natural rock create a clear concept, and provide the ideal surroundings to highlight the numerous works of art.

Gardens of Art

Step into one of the many gardens, the beautiful, natural spaces the Getty Center provides. You will spot many modern art sculptures next to thoughtfully arranged flowering plants. Of all the open spaces, the Central Garden is the most impressive. It is a work of art in itself using symmetrical structures in the heart of The Getty.

Created by talented artist Robert Irwin, the garden uses natural sources– an array of flowers and plants – to create aesthetically appealing structures and lines. It is a garden where you can find your inner zen as things visually and emotionally align.

Always changing, never twice the same. – Robert Irwin

The symmetry found in the garden is providing clarity. Here, clutter does not exist. The Central Garden is designed to be a changing work of art that adapts to the seasons. Hence, it changes its face frequently. Smell the scents and notice the different foliage used to shape lighting and reflections in this place. Truly, a living work of art that is meant to evolve throughout time.

A Different View

The gardens reward you with a spectacular view over Los Angeles. On a clear day, you can see for miles. Then, your eyes even travel to the mountain range in the distance.  An image for all senses. The symmetrical lines of The Getty Center in combination with an almost curving structure, elements of repetition, yet simplicity, are well-thought through and in-sync. Just like this place is a home to centuries of artwork, it is a piece of art in itself – with a view.

Modern and contemporary sculptures await you on your walk around the outdoors area. There is no shortage of inspiration. Be open to changing your view and maybe even your complete outlook on art. There are so many approaches, so many different works you can find in this art center. This makes it an almost overwhelming experience. If you appreciate art even just a little, and are open – it has the power to make you see things differently.

Let it take over. Embrace it.