Love. A four-letter word with so much behind, with technically so much impact. We need it like plants need the sun and water to thrive; it is vital to our personal growth. If we were not capable of loving, our lives would miss the essential spark. Love is the bond we form with our families, friends, and lovers. There are different levels of love: the romantic, “being physically attracted to someone” way but also the “I deeply care about you, you are important to me as a friend or simply human being” level. Love has many faces and we all show it differently.

The truth of the matter, however, is that all our emotions derive from one single word: love. It is the foundation of everything: the lifeline, reason we act or feel a certain way, simply the pool of all of our diverse emotions. Without it, humankind would be robbed of an essential life elixir. We are one, connected by the affection, in many ways, to one another. It shapes us, shapes the world around us. More power to love and all it can conquer. Because love is complete – and ultimately completes us. 

Love Is the Answer

Love is everything that makes us feel. If we weren’t capable of loving, we would not have emotions, both positive and negative ones. It means we are caring. It’s our heart speaking, not the logical mind. Love is warmth. It makes us act intuitively rather than counterintuitively. As l.o.v.e. is this incredibly small, yet meaningful word that has the power to change the world on so many levels, why, just why do we not all come together and transform the way we interact and make more meaningful choices for ourselves as a society, this planet, in this world at large?

Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away – Elbert Hubbard 

We all carry love inside of us; some just don’t reflect and truly listen to their inner self. But it is there. The love we were all born with – capable of giving and receiving. Just imagine a world where everyone would base their actions on kindness. On consideration towards their neighbor and the environment, no matter their (socio-political) position. Just what a wonderful world filled with so much heart would we live in.

Love is the answer to almost everything. Not many have understood this, though. Greediness, the tempting success, whatever it takes, the potential to have a powerful position that comes with a lot of money – it makes human interactions cold. The compassion and ability to forgive, to empathise with others, are decaying rapidly in our world where the importance of personal power seems to take over. What happened to our human understanding? Tolerance? Human actions? Turn to love. Turn inward and shine the light you carry within outward. It can make a difference. The more we give, the more love will radiate back. Love is love – and so much more.

Lovin’ for Better Choices

Love is Love – what we give radiates back to us and has the ability to transform this world, its people, the choices we make – London, UK

Love keeps us going, motivates, encourages. It can be scary to put yourself out there as the affection we give can ultimately hurt us. But that is, ironically, the beauty of life. Being fueled by love means that we are being pushed to the point of action. And action in the name of love is what this world needs more of; what it should, ideally, be based on. It starts with us. If love is the foundation, the interconnected passion is the driving force that ignites the fire to action. 

To love is to act – Victor Hugo

Love is peace. It is harmony. Love is inspiration. If we keep the love towards each other as a human species at the core of all we’re doing, imagine what a colorful, warm land we would live in. Love – it allows us to make better choices. Less selfish. More soulful. Less cruel. More empathetic. Let us show our love more by acting the right way, the better way, the more “I care about you as a fellow human, I care about this planet we call home” way.  

Love With All You’ve Got

And love whoever your heart desires. Romantically or in a platonic, sheer philanthropic way, loving with every ounce of our bodies, souls, and minds allows us to live more fully. This makes our species unique. Love – for our society, our fellow humans. It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling, the decision to “love thy neighbor” and, ultimately, having more compassion and understanding for others. Love does that. Love is what we all need more of in our lives. Because as humans, we are meant to connect – on a deeper level. Not without reason do we speak of “soul mates”, when there’s a specifically strong bond between two people. It’s when one soul calls two bodies “home”. 

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another – Thomas Merton

Love is a collaborative act. We need to feel loved and give love, just like oxygen is vital to our existence. Love softens our sensations, it makes us feel alive; it gives us a feeling of belonging. For this, the hormones oxytocin – the hormone of touch (have you hugged someone today?) and serotonin, the hormone that regulates our mood, are essential. Hence, higher levels of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins – the quartet responsible for our happiness – are being released when we feel loved and accepted. 

To love with all you’ve got means making yourself vulnerable. Oh, what beauty there is to carry your heart and soul openly. Give love – receive love. Our spirits fly high and being more affectionate, understanding, compassionate, sympathetic with one another allows us to live. Or, more so: to really inhale, to feel the sensation of life. Give the love you carry within you – each of us does – and receive it back even stronger. It’s part of the meaning of our existence on this earth. Only together, bonded by love, are we truly alive. 

How do you show your love to your closest ones, to the world? Are you cautious with spreading the love or are you a firm believer in “love creates more love”?