Making up the natural environment of our earth and providing the necessary oxygen for our human species to live, from a biological standpoint, plants play a vital role in our biosphere. They themselves are life. We surround ourselves with plants and flowers, make them part of our homes, offices, creative spaces and yards. Their appearance brings us joy and they – quite literally – enliven our human living spaces. 

There is something about plants that is sheer magical. And it is not just the mere fact that they come in all kinds of pretty shapes and colors. Plants have survived evolution. They thrive in the craziest of environments and also help keep a good amount of the carbon out of our atmosphere by storing it. From climate to clothes, energy, and generally more sustainable solutions for our lives, plants are the basis for our life on earth. Therefore, having this awareness, we, in return, are encouraged to put more effort into keeping our world tender green. With this, ultimately, we care for the quality of our very own lives. 

Connecting to Mother Earth

As the awareness for the overall health of our earth heightens, some people almost religiously take care of their plants. And rightfully so, for they understand just how important of an asset to a thriving planet they are. Bringing greenery into our homes not only helps with purifying the air we breathe, it also allows us to reconnect with nature. Because this is exactly where our roots are in the grand cycle of life. Therefore, we ground, quite literally, when we surround ourselves with plants, either in our own living space or outside.

My relationship to plants becomes closer and closer. They make me quiet; I like to be in their company – Peter Zumthor

It does not come as a surprise that we feel more balanced and at ease when we are hiking through the forests or going on long walks in the park, or heading toward the countryside. Where it’s green, there is a connection to mother earth. And, quite frankly, our “blooming” friends help us be still, reflect, and find some inner peace. Back to the basics, or, more fitting: back to the roots of existence. We are more relaxed, calmer. 

With their cleansing power, plants not only purify the air and release oxygen vital to our survival, they make our minds and souls more pure by washing out the stress, allowing us to release the toxins life often throws at us. Here again, we connect to nature. And when we think about it: We can find parallels with those green, living organisms. After all, it is about the cycle of life, within which we all play a specific role. But one thing is for sure: We are dependent on one another. And so only with love and tender care do we as humans – just like plants – thrive and flourish in a specific habitat. 

Effectively Plant-Based

Magical Plants – they teach us lessons on a deeper level and are the foundation of this life on earth – Sydney, Australia

Plants have healed and nourished other living beings for thousands and thousands of years. With knowledge about herbalism, wounds and illnesses have been cured in many societies. In fact, still to this day, plant-based, holistic medicine is used by more than 70% of the world’s population. What comes from nature is natural, and naturally it can be the cure for so much, without the chemicals. 

Herbalism is based on relationship […] between plant and human, plant and planet, human and planet [and] means taking part in an ecological cycle – Wendell Berry

Plants are a meaningful part of the natural cycle, making up the lungs of this earth that allow other species to exist and be nourished from them in many ways. And as humans, we are on the way towards using the power of nature, the force of the “greenery” to implement more sustainable solutions into our everyday lives. The use of fast-growing bamboo is only an example. In fact, an incredibly fast-growing bamboo species made the Guinness World record, for it grows up to 91 cm (35”) per day. That’s almost 4 cm (1.5”) an hour!

Just like renewable energy is being used increasingly – like the energy from living plants without harming them – our “green friends” are shifting the energy in our homes or at work. How? By noticeably brightening our moods, contributing to the flow of positivity and adding a pinch of calmness. Nature does this to us. And the color green, conveniently enough, brings a sense of tranquility upon us. In this busy world, each of us needs more peace and quiet time. 

Seeking the Light

Plants are light-seekers. Hence, they are sensitive by nature. Literally. The right amount of natural light is crucial for their health. They are leaning towards the sun in order to keep their photosynthesis going. It is vital for their survival. 

Folks are like plants; we all lean toward the light – Kris Carr

And just like that, our human body and mind work. We reach for the sun; we seek the light. With that, we reach for people that are uplifting for our mental and spiritual health. We lean towards what enlightens us. Maybe not necessary for our actual physical survival, but crucial for our mental wellbeing and the ability to keep moving forward in life, embracing the light. What a wonderful reminder plants are. 

Seeing the Fruits of Dedicated Work

I am a firm believer that plants, as part of the living sphere, need to be treated with dignity and respect. They may not be able to talk, but they respond quickly to our behavior towards them. Many times, unfortunately, in a negative way, if we neglect their proper care. Yet, this shows us just how sensitive they are. 

It can accurately be said that plants created, and continue to create, the world we live in – David Crow

We should not forget that plants – for medicine, healing, nourishment, energy, mental health – play a greater role in our lives than we may think. And the more we cherish them, the more they will show their fruits, in full bloom. They shape our world, the habitats we live in. They create them.

Plants serve as a reminder that with patience and care, we can create something wonderful. And that with respect to their needs, we can all coexist together. Isn’t this a lovely message for humankind? 

On a personal level, plants show: If you put in the work, you will see the (pretty) results. Because it doesn’t always “just” look pretty; it requires effort and dedication. Keep watering your dreams, (a)light them, and take in the progress that is growth. It’s safe to say, we should all surround ourselves with some leafy greens. 

What’s your favorite plant? Tell us which one and why in the comments below.