Meran is the picturesque spa town in South Tyrol, Italy, nestled on the river Passer. In the midst of a lush green valley with flourishing vegetation due to the mild mediterranean climate, Merano (Ital.) is a destination where the visitor can become grounded again. As a result, it is here that he can align with his body, spirit, and soul as he dives into the kind, warm atmosphere of this traditional Italian town. Therefore, it is the perfect, refreshing, mountain retreat.

A Dreamy Landscape in Meran

A fascinating mountain range, characterized by different shapes and sizes, weaves its way around the little valley, hugging it gently. Tucked away on the hillside are houses with stunning views that delight all senses. In fact, at first sight, the scenery and bright, rich colors remind one of a dreamy, lush, and almost surreal landscape painting. Hence, Meran’s mountains are a treat for the viewer’s eye.

In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds. – Robert Green Ingersoll

One hears the birds twittering, the sound of the wind softly rustling in the trees. Furthermore, flowers appear like a fresh pop of color in-between different shades of green. Additionally, clouds linger peacefully over Meran’s valley, offering soothing, cool spots of shade here and there. Further, snow graces the tip of the mountains.

A hike up a mountain trail reveals a bird’s eye view, a marvelous perspective on the valley of Meran. The massive mountains appear powerful, dwarfing the tiny, seemingly fragile houses below. Constantly changing cloud formations resemble a form of flowing, abstract art. A reminder of just how beautifully diverse our world is and what it is capable of showing off. Nature is a breathtaking thing.

Cherished Traditions and South Tyrolean Charm

Meran cherishes its unique South Tyrolean traditions and culture. You can feel this in your bones as you stroll along the streets in Old Town, enjoying the alpine-mediterranean flair and gazing at the mix of medieval structures and well-maintained buildings of the Belle Époque that have not lost their sparkle. Merano was the center of Tyrol during the Middle Ages; old castles and stone gates scattered throughout town gently remind of those ancient times.

A wanderer arriving in this quaint town is greeted by the warm-hearted and idyllic spirit prevailing in this place. Authentic, rustic stone farmhouses with neat wooden and flowery accents can be found on every corner.

The many vineyards in the valley invite the visitor to enjoy a glass of regional wine under the warm sun. Views are included. Sit on one of the cozy terraces, sip wine and savor the views, the deep blue sky standing in amazingly sharp contrast to the dark green vineyards. A wonderful separation between heaven and earth. Yet, in the distance, the mountains reflect the bluish color of the sky and serve as a smoother transition between the two elements. Go ahead, dream a little. Let your mind wander.