As the setting of the sun changes throughout the day, the Valley of Fire in Nevada changes its colors, ranging from a warm yellow to a dramatic, deep red as the day comes to a close. It is an almost mythical, enchanting place where bright red Aztec sandstone creates centuries of natural history, dating back more than 2000 years. This place is not dead, on the contrary. There is so much life hidden in and around the rock formations that tell their very own, earthly stories.

It is a symbolic place for our own lives, as they go on, perspective, and differently shaped views determined by the “light of life”. Welcome to the ride.

Guiding Light of Perspective

Fire Rocks

Fire Rocks – the sandstones appear in a bright red color as the sun is about to set – Valley of Fire, NV, USA

Here, mother earth’s creations become evident. Each rock piece has its individual fingerprint and is unlike any other. It is quiet. Those who visit are standing in awe, as the sun is changing its course, tinting the stones into a darker orange and eventually turning red. It becomes clear very quickly why this place is called the “Valley of Fire”.

Try to see things differently. It’s the only way to get a clearer perspective on the world and on your life – Neal Shusterman

The lighting allows for different perspectives. It reminds us that, depending on point of view, there is not one perspective but, in fact, there are many. All too often in life we see things in “a different light”. The light is creating shades that change with the sun’s setting. Symbolically, it highlights one aspect of life before it emphasizes another as our perception is guided by the sun. In addition, color is essential; it’s representing our feelings and emotions. The yellow, orange, and red shades are depicting our very “fire within”, the desire to be.

The Valley of Fire is symbolizing our journey through life in an energetic way – hence, the color red. It can be a bumpy ride with many unforeseeable events behind each corner. There are many ups and downs and the terrain is not always an easy one to navigate, It can be rocky. However, we need to trust that there are opportunities despite the many ups and downs, even though we might not exactly know what they look like just yet.

Wildly Beautiful Ride Through Life

Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain – symbolizing the fire of life and the desire to constantly move forward – Valley of Fire, NV, USA

As we are on the road of life, journeying through the valley of the world, the shades of red are showing the energy of us moving forward. There is no turning back. Eyes set forward, we can only move into one direction. Red symbolizes our existence, our pure being, the urge to move.

The road is leading through rugged terrain and the vision might not always be clear. Yet, it is giving the path we walk a certain direction. Life is a partially pre-paved road for each of us. Although we cannot predict what’s next, we are encouraged to have faith that the road is guiding us. Therefore, it illustrates slight stability. How we take what’s happening and awaiting us along the ride is, however, up to us.

[…] it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it – Charles de Lint

The dramatic color of the mountains in the background embody the wild ride through this world. They are not perfectly shaped, just like none of us is perfect. Our individuality is emphasized by the unique formations of the rocks and mountains at large. We’re all on the road of life, but each of our stories created along the way is different.

Let the light guide you and open up new perspectives for you on this wildly beautiful ride through life.