Fashion is passion, or in other words something lovers of clothes see as a form of self expression. Hence, fashion is also art in a very unique way. In fact: various ways. The world-famous New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a dream for many. It takes place twice a year in the thriving Big Apple and draws in designers, famous personalities, and those who see fashion as a huge part of their lives from near and far. This event is part of the so-called Big Four: the four most important fashion weeks, which take place in London, Paris, Milan, and NYC.

Keeping It Classy

During this semi-annual event, designers present their collections on dandified models swaying along the catwalk, admired by the crowds seated on each side. New York Fashion Week can be colorful, bright, and full of new, absolutely interesting styles. Yet, there is a certain sense of “classic” in the air, surrounding this occurrence, that will forever be the heart of this show. And that is because of its long-lasting tradition; it makes it a classic.

Think Audrey Hepburn. Think classic elegance. As much as the visiting clothing fanatics are eager to experience new trends in the fashion industry, and designers aim at inspiring attendees to buy their newest collection items, “elegance” is the timeless spirit that will always show up at Fashion Week.

Remaining a Classic

First established in 1943, it wasn’t so much a week of fashion, but rather a Press Week invented by fashion journalist Eleanor Lambert. Eventually, in 1993, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) called today’s notion of the New York Fashion Week into being. The older series Press Week was officially declared retired – but the “classy” should remain. This is shown above. Although people with all kinds of different styles will soon walk through these doors, the outside of the event is kept elegant – simply classic. It is the only constant that speaks to everyone, as fashionistas try to seek a sense of classy even in the quirkiest of styles.

Fashion Week does not only happen in one place; there are many events spread throughout the city of New York over the course of usually seven to nine days. Although there are some seemingly “crazy” creations presented, iconic designers who are classics themselves (icons such as Versage, Lagerfeld, Spade, Wang that is) keep coming back to classy and pieces inspired by timelessness in their collection designs.

Off Style and Fashion

There’s fashion, and then there’s style. Elegance is something timeless, something that can be found everywhere, not just in fashion. It is part of an individual style someone has defined for him- or herself. It is not what you think you have to wear, it’s about how you wear it and what character traits this underlines.

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, […] decide what you are, […] want to express by the way you dress and the way to live. – Gianni Versace

New York has its style. So does the St. Regis New York. It is not “in fashion”, but it is rather “in style”. Style is something that lasts. Something that does not pass. It remains. Look at the gorgeous New York skyline. The city goes through different phases but at the heart of it, the Big Apple sticks to who it is and what people know it for – that is style. New York certainly has it figured out.

Fashion as a Form of Art

Fashion is art, hence, beauty. We all have our own vision of what beautiful art looks like. For many, it is the art of fashion. But this beauty is a timeless one. A classic. An iconic design. Something that is old and “classy”, yet, somewhat re-defined and put into a new perspective. The image above emphasizes exactly this: a new NYFW event taking place within the walls of a rather historic building.

Fashion is a form of self-expression that highlight our characters. And that in itself is a form of art – the art of self-expression. Yet, it comes with various approaches to essentially one thing: classic elegance that we are secretly striving for. It is the basis of so much in life. Just think about it.