New York – the entertainment hub of the east coast. Many stream into the city with big dreams in their pockets, looking up the skyrocketing facades of the buildings, and dreaming about a life on Broadway. New York City is the place when it comes to a career in the entertainment industry – whether it be film, theater, dance and so much more. Young souls are striving to master the art of entertainment in the “City That Never Sleeps”.

Artistic Mindset, Great Aspirations

Founded by Jerry Sherlock back in 1992, the New York Film Academy is world-famous. If you have managed to snag a spot at this pristine institution for theater and film, you can pat yourself on the back – and expect to put in the work. “Artistic mindset” on.

The entertaining arts are a competitive field; you have to be passionate and truly good at what you do. You invest – in yourself – before getting back the fame and glory, as many hope. But there is something so raw, so beautiful about following a dream that is not easy to achieve in a large city that yet allows for so many opportunities. Acting, singing, dancing – the physically and emotionally challenging work that goes into it, tireless hours and sleepless nights rehearsing, acting to be seen just to get this one shot on stage that could potentially lead to more can only truly be understood by those who live and breathe the art of entertainment.

Broadway – Hub for Entertaining Arts

Broadway Sign

Making it – ultimately performing – on Broadway is the dream of many artists – New York City, USA

“Entertaining” needs to be a mindset to make it far. And, taking it further, art needs to entertain. That is, different roles, appearances, acts – all that is something aspiring artists carry into their everyday lives. You do need to have an artistic approach to life, hence, entertainment. It’s not just any job you leave to go home after a long day. Entertainment is a lifestyle throughout, lived with every bone and nerve.

Broadway is a definite symbol of New York. It’s classic New York. – Katharine McPhee

Broadway is the magical wor(l)d for entertainers and artists. It is the hub for entertaining arts, a strip that makes people’s eyes glow. It’s a little big world in itself that – literally – means the world to many striving to make it as actors, singers, and dancers. How wonderful is it to dream, to do, and finally, to achieve? The magical spirit revolving around it is alive.

Striving for Their Personal American Dream

Everyone has a different definition of what the “American Dream” is to them. To many who make their way to New York City, however, this means a successful acting or singing career. “Go big or go home” – a saying that might seem applicable here.

Performing on Broadway is an honor and a challenge for any artist. – Luis Fonsi

“I’ll make a brand new start of it, in old New York”, as the lyrics of Frank Sinatra’s classic New York, New York” song go. Leaving the old behind and embracing a new path – the path of following one’s passion: making it in the entertainment industry.

Granted, New York City does not just offer a platform to showcase your talent, for it is entertainment itself. There is a form of art around every corner. It’s a city of millions; each person has an individual story, their individual take on life itself. Wander the vibrant streets of this city and just imagine how many passionate, ambitious, young, still undiscovered talents are currently rehearsing their heart out. You might see some new faces on the large billboards soon. And someone will be tearing up with pride as they are only a few hours shy of their first show on Broadway. And maybe – just maybe – it’s that one crucial big gig.