Numbers are truly fascinating. Our world, in fact, the whole universe, runs on digits and follows the underlying rule of numbers. Our economy, especially the stock market, revolves around them, let alone computers and other complex technological systems. As boring as they might seem to some, to others, numbers are what make up everything we are, everything surrounding us – and they are acutely aware of it.

Numbers are a phenomenon. In fact, they are everywhere, in everything, on everything. That sandwich you ate in the morning? Calories are counted in numbers. The size of the house you bid on? Measured in square feet – based on numbers. The list goes on. And as you think more and more about it, you will realize how our lives are determined by numbers.

Zero and One – Foundation of Existence

The numbers zero and one are fundamental in so many ways. Called “binary digits” – or simply “bit”-, these two are basically like black and white, or on and off. Our computers run on the binary system; they use those logic values.

Bits 'n Bytes

Bits’ ‘n Bytes: zero and one as a simple, yet complex code system – Los Angeles, USA

Fascinatingly enough, whatever we write on a keyboard is translated into large strings of only the numbers one and zero. It seems so simple but is yet so very complex. However, we are talking about “logic” here – as the total opposite of emotional approaches. Science, math, physics, statistics – those are more integrated in our daily lives than we might think.

Do you remember when you used to dread going to math class? When numbers were just not “your thing”, and maybe they still aren’t? That’s why we, essentially, have the “logical” and “emotional” approach to things; the “rational”, and the more “creative” – or simply “irrational” way of thinking. We are all different in our personalities, in the lives we live, but there is one thing we need to understand: Numbers are surrounding us daily, as our very existence, the world we live in, is based on them. Whether we physically see them or not – and mostly, we don’t with the bare eye, unless we look at house numbers or are working jobs that expose us to digits day in and day out.

Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics, […] is numbers. – Shakuntala Devi

Just think about it: Even time is based on numbers. They structure our day. They determine our lives. And more so: Numbers put our whole existence into a system of order, even though we oftentimes don’t perceive it as such.

Tracking Numbers

Even though, when looking at numbers, many of us don’t see their importance, we need to step back for a second and realize just how important they are. Not only are we surrounded by numbers, we are also using them – most likely subconsciously – to track our lives and bits and pieces of it.

Triple Digit

Triple Digit; numbers are surrounding us in our everyday life, mostly unknowingly – New York City, USA

We count, we measure, we record. All of it is based on digits. Every product manufactured, every hour that’s passing, every train about to arrive (at a certain time) – numbers are the underlying element. Have you thought about it like that before? We live in a numeric world, if you will. Everything is measurable, trackable in numbers. How fascinating. And don’t we oftentimes think that we live in an unorganized world? So it seems. But, please, think again.

A Universal Language

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages on this planet. But there is only one that is universal: that of numbers. They are part of our everyday routines, although we don’t really realize this fact. Distance, height, weight, money, years, months, days, even success and failure – those are all aspects that are measured in numbers. Our lives literally revolve around digits.

It is the number system that will always give us stability, for it is the only real constant. There is no guessing; four plus four will always equal eight; seven minus two will always be five. And so some things, like the stable numeric system, will, in fact, never change, but provide the basis for all that is to come in life, and on this planet at large.