We all have a vision for our lives. For some of us, it may be more apparent than for others, however. It’s the goal we see. But how do we attain it? The reason why many of us seem to be stuck and are struggling with reaching our ideal version of a life is that we are unsure of how to get there. The way there is not laid out before us and we fear the obstacles of the unknown.

This lack of direction, on the other hand, may also be the reason why, sometimes, we even struggle with clearly defining what the goal is. No matter from which perspective you see it, the truth of the matter is that a well-structured, paved path is a prerequisite for going where you desire to be. So, focus on the way, first and foremost, as it holds the little milestones that in themselves lead to great satisfaction. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And so the journey is worthwhile, just as much as it is crucial.

What does this path look like for you?

Driven By Intuition

Many of us like to overthink, big time. We get lost in a pool of thoughts that awaken the daunting  “ifs” and “shoulds”. No wonder we end up being confused, not actually knowing anymore what it is we really want – and need, for that matter. Let alone what the right – as in: what feels right – path is for us. But there’s this little thing called intuition and it deserves a little more attention. Clearly, it’s not easy to listen to that voice from within when we’re so busy trying to take the steering wheel of life and guide ourselves. External factors such as norms and expectations take a good grip on us and, voilà, our course of thinking is being drastically influenced. Our minds can easily trick us. 

Intuition doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; it tells you what you need to hear – Sonia Choquette

If we don’t tune in and trust our own instincts more, we’ll most likely end up running circles in desperate pursuit of walking into the direction that speaks to us, wondering just why we cannot seem to be happier. We, hence, have to let go of the outside noise – all the voices, that is – and turn towards our tiny speaker: us! Surprise. In fact, it’s a speaker that wants us to get the memo without words; it pokes us with a feeling.

The answers are already there. Intuition is a powerful thing, “more powerful than intellect”, even Steve Jobs remarked. The intuitive mind doesn’t lie. Connect with it through moments of silence, meditation, and the awareness that our rational brain is not who we are and what we truly seek. Your first step towards your unique path. Exciting things are on the horizon.

Tune Out the Nagging Voices

Pave your way, and don’t let external factors dictate what you should do or are (not) capable of, for you shape your own future – Melbourne, Australia

Stay stubborn. Don’t let yourself be defined by someone or something else. Take control over your life. Keep your eyes locked on the prize. It works. Dedication and determination have brought people far. Take a deep breath when you hit a wall. It’s normal; in fact, it’s your inner enemy speaking. Know this. Accept it. You can only overcome this resistance if you hold on to the love of what you’re doing, for if you can identify that your heart’s in it, the wall will soon crumble and on you go. Self-criticism and doubt are also your enemies. Be kind to them, but resolute. Don’t let them take over.

Pave your own way and be fearless – Adam Draper

We live in a society that is largely based on fear. This sounds incredibly harsh right now, but think about it: We do what we’re supposed to do, stick to the rules (the majority of us), play it safe in a bubble of societal norms and expectations. Why? Because we fear backlash, rejection, judgement, if we move outside of this sphere, take it a step further. But what if exactly this step outside of the boundaries of what’s considered “normal” is what we need to finally find what speaks to us? We have to overcome the fear of not succeeding right away. We’re afraid of what may (or may not) happen – and that is the ultimate stop sign, one we don’t want to technically stop at, though. 

Don’t Think

Someone might shake their head in disbelief and tell you how incredibly bad of an idea it is to not think before you do something. The opposite is true, especially when talking about taking measures into your own hands to pave a path after your own heart. Ask yourself this: How badly do you want it? Good! Take that step and be committed. Overthinking is another one of those nagging voices (in fact, many of them at the same time). The solution? Don’t think, just do. Yes, it actually is that simple of a recipe to paving your own way. 

Don’t think, just do – Horace

Okay, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our brains at all. It’s just not a particularly good idea to think and do at the same time, for it keeps us from realizing our full potential organically. Do – then come back to what you created and re-evaluate and tweak if needed. But the truth of the matter is that, if things flow naturally, thinking is the enemy as it stops us in our tracks, right when the logical mind strikes again. Let that creativity flow.

Spirits High and Values Straight

Be ambitious, but be fair. Create your path, but don’t hurt others along the way. Most importantly, be ethical and honor your own values. Don’t lose, rather reinvent or completely find yourself on this journey. Take this as an opportunity to clearly define who you are. What do you value? What are you standing for? Construct your path and build it on those elements for a strong, stable foundation. It will make the ride smoother and less bumpy.

When you identify daily routines and positive habits, you’ll automatically increase your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health a great deal. You will use time more efficiently to work on creating your own “happy path”, enjoy yourself more, and be able to resist the negative vibes coming your way. Most importantly: Stay honest to yourself and act upon it. Pave your own path, the intuitive way – you’ve got the tools. They just need to be put to use. 

How do you ignore the negative and pursue your individual goals and visions?