Zenith – scientifically speaking, the highest point, opposite of the “nadir”, the lowest point, the antidote. High above the so-called celestial sphere, the zenith is the farthest away from the gravitational forces. Together with the celestial poles, it forms the basis of the astronomical coordinate system. 

With reference to our human existence, one can say that we all are tied to the earth due to gravity. High above us is our very own zenith. We look up, figuratively, and see this ultimate goal hovering over us. Since zenith is also defining that specific time at which something is in its most powerful element, we, here again, can apply this to our lives: the greatest highlight of our lives.

Each of us is pursuing dreams, certain visions, something that we see as the purpose of our existence and the key to our complete happiness as a human being on this planet. And yet, some of us may not necessarily know their ultimate zenith, but are faced with it by chance – and realize that this is it

Our Intentional Zenith

No matter our passions in life, or our personal gifts, which vary from person to person, there is the peak of our very doing and being that we envision. Ultimately, this is what we strive for. The event that brings together all that we have been working for. It is the moment that rewards us for everything we have been doing up to that point. Our zenith – the destination we have been traveling towards for a long time.

This event defines us, is proof that we are capable. It gives everything we did before purpose. No little step, now seeing the grand result, is left without meaning. The puzzle is finally complete; all the pieces have been accurately put together. Relief. Adrenaline. Pure happiness. We feel complete. 

Each man is always in the middle of the surface of the earth and under the zenith of his own hemisphere, and over the center of the earth – Leonardo da Vinci

The clock – only for us though – stops for a moment, as the world goes on, loud and hectic around us. We are in this very moment. Soaking it in. It feels surreal. The highlight of our existence is at our fingertips. In fact, we are experiencing the very peak of our existence right there. Thus, it almost feels as if it is a spiritual moment. We live on this earth but, throughout life, we’re striving for something higher: our personal high(light). The light that is shining high above us; we have made it our mission to reach it. And now, right here, it is shining bright. It feels heavenly. We are not under our own zenith, but on the same level with it. Having surpassed ourselves, we rise above, over the center of this earth, for experiencing our zenith feels otherworldly. 

Creating Your Everyday High

Personal zenith – climbing the mountain, valuing each step we take, towards the peak of our achievements – Antigua and Barbuda

Oftentimes, we know what sets our souls on fire. Knowing what fulfills us personally is a huge step towards a thoroughly “complete”, happy life. This is because we dedicate the actions we take towards our overall passion; they are meaningful actions. Being able to bring our body, mind, and soul in sync to live out the visions and ideals that we have in mind is an act of balance: finding the balance for exactly those three important parts that make us us. By knowing what it is that makes you “whole”, that completes you, you can take the necessary steps towards living exactly what makes you happiest.

I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match – Mia Hamm

Maybe it is a very specific moment that you have in mind, one that would mean ultimate fulfillment for you. Everything you do, you are working towards it: your ultimate zenith. But maybe it is not so much a particular event, but rather a specific lifestyle you are aspiring to create. Living that life you envision, with every little detail that has purpose to you, can be a real highlight, as well. It’s a lasting one, more than just that “one personal zenith moment”. And out of this wonderful, fulfilling lifestyle you are designing for yourself, following through with what fuels your mind, body, and soul, to align all of those three elements, can come something even more beautiful: moments that are filling you with gratitude for all you have (created). Zenith

Stay true to who you are. Hone your values and what you believe in. Having faith in your ability to live the life you envision is the key to experiencing a zenith-like existence each day to the new. 

Happiness Along the Way

Our dreams and hopes come in many forms. They, however, pave the road we decide to travel on, for in pursuit of those goals, we make meaningful choices along the way. We put purpose into each step, as we are taking it towards our specific destination. Since our personal zenith may be tangible at times, and then, some days, seems farther away, we should ultimately strive for balance in all we do. This is important, because the zenith is the grand goal, and not something we can reach “just like that”. It is the result of great effort. Hence, we need to acknowledge this fact and find happiness in the little milestones along the way. It does not mean losing sight of what we are trying to accomplish.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together – George Eliot

It comes with compromises. As we are subject to the rhythm of the running clock, to the turning earth, we need to learn patience. “In due time” is an adequate saying. If you feel that your visions are slipping through your hands; you think that you cannot achieve the ideals you see in our mind’s eye; if you feel as if you are stuck, but the world around you keeps moving: Breathe in. Close your eyes. Wash away the worries and take it little by little. Hard work and patience will be rewarded; you may just begin to ride the grand wave towards your dreams. In fact, all you do to achieve them is already part of the “grand whole”. So, find the joy in the small moments; make them count. Because they do, as a piece of the puzzle. 

What is your zenith, your ultimate goal? Have you experienced it yet? More so, are you living it? What are you striving for?