A consistent, ongoing existence of something as time is passing: continuity. It’s a moving constant, if you will, a rhythm of a certain action or existence in our time and space continuum. Something ever-occurring in, yet, an ever-changing world. Continuity is a very powerful element of life and emphasizes a non-disruptive pattern, something that flows consistently throughout time. It influences our lives more than we might think.

As time passes and we fall into a pattern of doing and thinking, stability is what we feel. We know what to expect. And we expect what we know. Continuity is a comfort zone we can create for ourselves. Or, on the other hand, take it as something that we keep doing repeatedly to eventually get where we want to be. But it also comes with lessons learned, the opportunity to grow, and, ultimately, the capability of seeing things from completely new angles. 

As Life and Time Continue

Continuity of time is a powerful element. As the clocks continue ticking and the world keeps turning, we leave the past behind as we fall (back) into a rhythm. There is a natural continuation of the universe. This is what also lets us forget, shifts our points of view on past events, allows us to heal and learn. It is pretty incredible. 

The continuity of life is never broken; the river flows onward and is lost to our sight, but under its new horizon it carries the same waters […] – John Greenleaf Whittier

Continuity shows and leaves marks on us. Over time, operating to the pulse of our earth, our feelings and emotions towards “what was” can change – even ease. With time going on, never stopping, our ability to forgive increases. And with that, we can embrace a whole new quality of life: Letting go and moving on. Continuity of life does it. 

There will always be certain patterns even though humankind has evolved, as evolution and growth are constant. Things change, such as education. But the fact of the matter is that there will always be education, just to take it as an example. Life and time continue, and with it, we grow, gain knowledge, shift perspectives, re-evaluate emotions. The continuity of the universe in every little aspect of life is pulling us in and along. 

Growth in Continuity

When we continuously do something, we repeat it. This means that we get used to a certain way, improve our skills, get better. This is why continuity is so powerful: growth in repeating something. There is a first step that needs to be taken to start the cycle of a certain groove you’ll eventually fall into. It is not mundane; we eventually internalize the actions and ways we’ll do over and over again. And by this, we grow. Personally, and from generation to generation. 

Edinburgh Continuity
There’s growth in continuity, which makes a continuous pattern incredibly powerful – Edinburgh, Scotland

We are aware that the first step is always the hardest – and most important – to take. But it’s the process that follows that makes all the difference. If you have a goal, a dream, a vision, realizing you want to actually turn it into reality is only the very beginning. Continuing to walk the path towards what you ultimately want to achieve is crucial.

The little religion that I have clung to – that what matters most is the continuity of life, and its improvement from one generation to another – David O. Selznick

Therefore, you grow through the continuous actions you (need to) take to reach that goal of yours. Hold on to that vision and continue what you started. You’ll learn a lot about yourself along the way. Eventually, your continued actions will pay off throughout time – and this is when the power of continuity, in reaching your goal, becomes evident. 

Little Things for Greater Differences 

Within the concept of continuity, the little things matter the most. They add up over time and lead to something bigger, greater. No matter if it’s a personal goal or something we as a collective need to achieve, beginning little by little and continuing a certain habit, for instance, will, in the long run, make all the difference. Knowing this, faith and hope are skyrocketing, for we know that being patient and just sticking to what we are doing to eventually reach something bigger will pay off at some point. Because time moves on. Moments pass. New moments surround us. With each little deed, each little step, we leave footprints. What do you want to leave? Where do you want to go? 

Identity in the form of continuity in personality is an extremely important characteristic of the individual – Kenneth L. Pike

As we continuously do something, we create ourselves. identity is formed. We might gain a reputation because of how we do certain things, what we create – for ourselves and for our community at large. We have an identity that’s been crafted throughout our life. All because of continuity, of specific patterns we follow in everything. And with exactly that do we have the opportunity to leave our legacy. 

There’s no stopping life. How will you leave your positive mark on this world as it continues turning?