欢迎 – Welcome to Beijing. With a history of more than three thousand years, China’s vibrant capital is calling. One of the oldest cities in the entire world, Beijing is a treasure of art, culture, and architecture. Designs from centuries ago merge with newer architectural styles, preserve history, and adapt to the modern flow of the city. It’s a true yin and yang experience, so beautifully aligned.

And so it is here that many hotels are not just hotels, but have understood to merge Chinese cultural heritage with contemporary aspects: just like The PuXuan Hotel & Spa is, a prime example. An urban oasis in the midst of a lively metropolis that leaves nothing to be desired. It’s not just a place, it’s an experience.

A Tasteful Design – Touch of Cosmopolitan China

As a true jewel situated in the heart of China’s thriving capital city, the award winning PuXuan Hotel & Spa is not just a treat for the eyes, but for all the senses. With its architectural style, it’s a true highlight and integral part of Beijing’s skyline. Ole Scheeren Architects thoughtfully designed this space. A combination of tasteful traditional Chinese Hutong-style elements meet an urban, modern, and clean design. Fresh, sophisticated, classically luxurious, and inviting. What is already appealing from the outside reaches its peak on the inside. Here, visitors are welcomed by clean lines and outstanding comfort.

From the outside, the hotel resembles a carefully crafted piece of modern art, gently illuminated from inside lights shining through to the outside during the night. It is one of The Leading Hotels of the World – rightfully so, in my humble opinion. It is a hotel that has been designed with the art aspect in mind, which, on top of that, merges tradition and modernity.

A Cultural Token of Beijing at Your Fingertips

The magical and historic Forbidden City is only a stone’s throw away – and also visible – from the PuXuan Hotel & Spa. It’s a remainder and reminder of the old Chinese times, the spirit that, despite the modern era, lingers in an almost mythical manner. Holding space for the most impressive of Chinese palaces, the Forbidden City allows visitors to travel back in time. As the world’s largest palace and among the top five palaces in the world, roughly 1 million laborers worked on the “Former’s Palace”.

It is an architectural masterpiece that reflects Chineses culture and elements of design that represent the home of the past 24 emperors. The attention to details is astounding. Visitors find nine-by-nine-array of gilded door-studs all over the Forbidden City. That is, because nine, in Chinese culture, represents eternity, as well as supremacy. Other symbolic elements, such as dragons and lions, imply strength and good fortune. Those elements are beautifully synced with the architecture.

PuXuan Hotel & Spa – where a modern architectural approach meets Chinese elegance and contemporary design – Beijing, China

Take it all in, as you wander down the path of Chinese cultural history, marveling at the world’s most well-preserved medieval wooden constructions. Be inspired by ancient treasures in this world’s largest cultural space – the Palace Museum – spanning thousands of years in Chinese history. The Forbidden City – where earlier eras collide with modern Beijing.  

An Urban Oasis – Unwinding in Style

Taking pride in offering its visitors – whether they stay for business or pleasure purposes – the best service possible and responding to individual needs promptly, I experienced the PuXuan Hotel & Spa’s team to be attentive and willing to help whenever I had questions or needed anything in particular.

When I returned after a long day out and about in Beijing, mind full of beautiful sights and culture, I entered a space where my thoughts could completely align. The PuXuan Hotel & Spa understands the art of minimalism while providing comfort on an extraordinary level.

Beijing has a glut of charming and traditional or brash and luxurious places to stay – Evan Osnos

Their signature spa and wellness areas provide a healing and rejuvenating place for guests’ inner ying and yang to come together in equilibrium. Personalized treatments as well as various classes offer different ways to reconnect with your inner self. Isn’t this what we all need? I, for one, know that I welcome the chance to find my inner balance.

Take some time to reflect upon your experiences in Beijing in your state-of-the-art room – or suite. Whatever you choose, the space is designed to help you unwind surrounded by high-quality decor and clean lines, keeping our inner balance in mind. I was truly impressed.

Flavorful Taste

Don’t forget to treat your tastebuds – I know I wouldn’t. Four dining spaces provide an array of carefully selected food and drink options. After your spa experience, head to The Tea Room to get a taste of Asia’s wonderful, assorted tea flavors. Alternatively, The Lobby Lounge is an intimate, calm space with an adjacent library. It really invites to reflect, rewind, and relax.

For the extensive dining experience, try the Fu Chun Ju Restaurant. A Chinese culinary journey in a beautiful, sophisticated space awaits. If you’re leaning more towards French delicacies, the Rive Gauchet – Le Bistro is for you. “Bohemian Paris” is the heart of this dining space.

I greatly enjoyed the sophistication – besides the comfort -, loved the dining options, as well as cultural experience altogether.

Can you feel the atmosphere? Do you hear the sounds of Beijing?

When are you embarking on the PuXuan experience?