Queenstown – as much a verb as a noun or place name. The city, on Southern Island of New Zealand, is nestled along  the shores of crystal-clear Lake Wakatipu, and surrounded by the southern, snow covered alps. The views are breathtaking. It’s a vibrant place with activities to satisfy any adrenaline junkie, but at the same time, offers tranquility and calm for others not so inclined. Here, in stunning surroundings, adventure sports and quieter moments go hand in hand.

New Zealand attracts many visitors, and for good reason. It seemingly untouched place on earth. Everything is in balance. Everyone seems happy. Negative thoughts? Push them aside. The Kiwis are friendly, laid-back and outdoors-loving folks that highly respect the land they live in – and their sheep, for that matter. New Zealand’s residents like to keep it rather intimate. Hence, Queenstown only has about 13,000 inhabitants, give or take.

Both backpackers and those who just want to savor fine views of the serene lake and majestic  mountains from upscale apartments and hotels journey to the South Island. Once there, the magic takes hold; you’ll never want to leave! This is where body, soul and mind can find the perfect place to align again.

In-Midst of Nature’s Soul

Once you’ve been to New Zealand, you’ll find yourself sharing stories about your time there, and dreaming of going back again to this enchanting place. Here, nature shows off all it has to offer. Especially in Queenstown, the outdoor adventure-seeking enthusiast will find an encyclopedic range of things to do – from hiking through the mountains on lush green paths to rafting or kayaking down rushing rivers, from helisking to mountain biking. Get that heart pumping and your pulse rate up – live life to the fullest!  

But Queenstown also is a quiet place for those looking for inner and outer peace. Surrounded by idyllic landscapes, it seems the perfect place to leave the crazy world behind, to meditate, to find your own “Zen.” That is just the nature of nature’s graceful beauty, so awe-inspiring from the minute you approach this town. If we didn’t know life before, Queenstown will breathe it back into our bodies and souls.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. -Gustav Flaubert

Walk towards the end of this rustic, wooden pier on Lake Wakatipu. Sit down; let your feet dangle. Maybe you can touch the water and see the slight vibration of waves forming where you did – before the lake becomes calm again. A sign for you to just be silent, to take it all in. Let nature embrace you. Your soul will soon enter into harmony with this gorgeous scenery.

It’s a quiet place. Funnily enough, this is ironic, because Queenstown is the birthplace of the ultimate adrenaline rush – bungy jumping. But this, again, shows the diverse faces of one of New Zealand’s jewels. Here, you face nature’s purest soul.

Queenstown Panorama – As Far As the Eye Can See

Marvel at the azure blue lake with the picture-perfect, rugged mountain range in the back. It puts our lives in perspective as your thoughts start flowing through your mind. Once again, this panorama makes us realize how small a part of this world we are. And just how indescribably beautiful this piece of earth – Queenstown – is.

Nature at its rawest and finest.

Get comfortable on the couch; look outside, eyes and heart wide open. Take in the impressive views with a glass of regional vino. The region of Central Otago is probably the most scenic wine region in New Zealand, and home to over 80 wineries. Almost 80% of these are masters of the art of creating stunning expressions of Pinot Noir.

Sip, see, and savor.

Your accommodation choices are as diverse as Queenstown’s beauty. Whatever your travel style, whatever your preferences, there’s something for everyone. Yet, views are best appreciated in a tucked away apartment like this. Quiet. Tasteful. Light and airy with second-to-none views over the lake. Here in Queenstown, panoramic views are a given. They are an insight into a city, a land’s soul.

Sunset Reflections at Lake Wakatipu

As you make your way down to the lake while the sun is setting, you spot graceful, slowly moving swans. The world is calm, tranquil, at peace. Queenstown seems to hold its breath, as if it, too, does not want to miss a second of these last, beautiful and serene moments of the day. The sun, slipping behind a mountain, bathes everything in a golden-orange light; suddenly, everything glows, as if made of gold.

As the saying goes: Collect moments, not things.

Lake Wakatipu is the third biggest lake in New Zealand and second largest one here on the South Island. Flora, fauna, and life in general seem to be in perfect harmony. The lake is part of the throbbing heart of this land that draws in so many because of its sheer, fascinating natural beauty. 

Queenstown is showing off once more before the last rays of sunshine disappear behind the mountain, just hinting at another glorious day ahead. It is time for reflection.