Sometimes, we don’t have to travel far in order to savor the beauty and serenity of this world. Santa Barbara is a place to dream, to wander, to get lost – and to enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere. Let a scenery unlike any other in the golden state by the Pacific embrace you.

Located on the Central California coast, this wonderful gem of a city invites visitors to soak in the finer, the seemingly simple, things of life. They are able to immerse themselves in a slow, laid-back ambiance in a place that offers both the ocean and the beach, set against lush green mountains. Peaceful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets make for moments that encourage most of us to reflect.

Dawning of New Life Opportunities

Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise – as the day is dawning, we are presented with new opportunities – Santa Barbara, CA, USA

With its almost subtropical climate and landscape, Santa Barbara is a magical town along the Pacific coast. The “American Riviera” is awe-ing visitors with a picture perfect scenery that includes dreamy beaches and diverse, rich vegetation. Rent a bike, cruise along the water, or stroll through the little manicured alleyways that remind of historic Mediterranean times. There’s that familiar warmth that you’ll feel. 

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it – Richard Bach

The golden sunrise over the roofs of the town by the “American Riviera” is literally representing the dawning of a new day. With it come new opportunities as well as a fresh, new approach to life. Warm colors stand for the encouragement we all need: moving forward, embracing a positive attitude towards life and all the beautiful craziness it presents us with.

Are you ready to embark on a new possibility that you are being given? As we symbolically begin to walk a new path, we are guided by the changing light throughout the day; with the most intense, spiritually and emotionally illuminating, as well as energizing “lighting” happening during sunrise. This is when the colors are the most intense – before the day eventually ends with a grand finale: the spectacle of the slowly disappearing sun on the horizon.

Closing and Newly Beginning Chapters

Burning Sky

Burning Sky – as the day comes to a close, the sky is lighting up one last time before night falls – Santa Barbara, CA, USA

The sky is seemingly burning. As the day comes to a close, the light is different than during sunrise – more red and purple-ish. The dramatic colors alert our senses; they encourage reflection and ignite our desire to embrace a new day, once again, that will follow dusk. Sunsets on the American Riviera are unlike any other. They are happening in a little Mediterranean bubble that is set along the Pacific and gives its visitors all the space they need to let their minds freely wander. Here, pondering in a picturesque environment happens so naturally. Many leave with a new outlook on life. How could we not, as we are looking at those photos that only give the slightest taste of what it’s like?

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again – Ram Charan

As night is falling, a day’s chapter is closing. Simultaneously, hope and encouragement for another glorious day – it’s all about the mindset! – are visualized by the burning sky. Literally. Heavens on fire. The epitome for a burning desire to take in all the stunning moments life has to offer us – and make the most out of them.

Light is the element that is guiding us through our lives, day in and day out. It gives us the energy we need, the hope we desire, the opportunities that, with time, unfold before us. It allows us to “see”, quite literally. Stop. Breathe. Be in the moment and then let the changing light guide you further. See possibilities at and beyond the wonderfully dreamy American Riviera.