Singapore is one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world. It is also one that is alight – and enlightened. This amazing place surprises with color, liveliness, and architectural shapes. These are not only breathtakingly beautiful during the day, but also let this city state shine in a magical light after the sun has set.

Singapore – City State Gone Green

The famous nightly Supertree light-show is stunning. This takes place in the Gardens by the Bay, located right outside of the fascinating Marina Bay Sands Resort. The Supertrees are not actually real trees but an interesting ensemble of art, shapes, and technology. These artificial trees allow the visitor to ascend to the tree tops and enjoy a magnificent, and inspiring, view over the lit-up bay.

Since Singapore is thinking green, the trunks of the trees are covered with plants to breathe more life-giving oxygen into the city. The goal was to give it a cleaner, friendlier, and more outdoorsy touch. And it works. With more than 162,900 plants representing some 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, ferns, tropical flowering climbers, and even orchids, the green coat is a creative symbol of the diversity of the city. This relates to both business, people, and culture.

Sustainability has to be a way of life to be a way of business. – Anand Mahindra

Serving as a fresh, clean symbol of growth, the mix of plants serves as a reminder that diversity is peacefully thriving in Singapore. It’s a beautiful thing. It literally lights up the city even more and leads to great innovations. This is underlined by the creative architectural style of the city’s many buildings, with their diverse and harmonious shapes  . It reminds us that the coming together of many people from different walks of life, with various perspectives and ideas in mind, can eventually result in the creation of something big and impressive. With this, Singapore ultimately makes a statement, and serves as a model for the rest of the world.

Architectural Thinking at Its Finest

An architectural highlight of the city is the Marina Bay Sands. Located right on the bustling Marina Bay, it is Singapore’s most iconic luxury hotel. It resembles a small city within the city due to its impressive size. A dramatic infinity pool is situated on top of the three seemingly separate, yet connected buildings, which soar with 55 floors into the sky. Here, architects have set the tone for what is possible in – and with – Singapore. Leading by example. This is a place for enjoying dazzling views over the city and letting the mind wander.

Shops, restaurants, the informative Art Science Museum with a large collection, as well as many entertainment options can all be found behind the futuristic walls of Marina Bay Sands. The stunning Double Helix Bridge connects the Marina Center with the Marina Bay Sands. It is a walk to remember with views that amaze and architectural design that impresses.

And it is only fitting that iLight – sticking to the light theme – is Asia‘s very first and at this point only sustainable light show. Since Singapore is a city of lights, it also makes it a mission to raise awareness for energy-saving light technology in urban centers. Tying into the theme of sustainability, the Art Science Museum looks like a lotus flower and comes with a thoughtful feature: a rainwater recycling system for the building.

No Limits to the Creative Mind

When looking at the peaceful Singapore skyline, it becomes obvious what is possible in this world and what humankind is capable of creating. It triggers and fires up all of our senses. It makes us understand that there are no limits, except the ones that we set ourselves, in our minds. Creativity and innovation never sleep, especially not when different people from numerous backgrounds come together with their desire to create.

And you can clearly see the thought, heart and soul living in those buildings. When they light up at night, they symbolically stand for our enlightened senses. They allow us to get a taste of the non-existent boundaries of architectural creation.