Our subconscious is a highly interesting, almost mythical, topic. Studied for ages, yet there’s only very little known about it. Many things remain hidden beneath the surface, literally. The truth of the matter is, however, that our subconscious mind plays a huge role in who we are, how we act, and which route we go in life. In essence, it is our truest self – or becoming what we feed it. As our deepest selves, it stores memories and experiences we might not think about on a conscious level, but that do have a significant impact on everything we do.

Your Deepest Self

Our subconscious is a pool of memories, beliefs, experiences, and also trauma. It carefully hides many things we do not “need” on a conscious level. Yet, what our subconscious guards has a subtle influence on all of our actions, although we oftentimes might not see the correlation as we go about our everyday lives. It is your deepest, most honest and vulnerable self.

Therefore, to live a balanced life, it’s all the more crucial to uncover what lies beneath the surface, beneath the conscious – to dig into our subconscious and understand and accept what we find. It’s where our rawest emotions are buried.

You don’t realize until afterwards that if you feed the subconscious, it will bleed into your everyday life – Frank Dillane

We need to be aware of the impact our deepest self has. Hence, turning inward is the only way to look for answers we long for. Ask your subconscious instead of turning your gaze outward. It will put things into perspective, for answers lie within each of us. From those, we feed our conscious mind. It’s a base we need to establish.

It’s a Mind Game

According to Joseph Murphy, an Irish esotericist author, we have the power to influence our subconscious mind consciously, so it eventually becomes transformational for our lives. This means that we have to understand the extreme power of words – which form our thoughts.

Murphy, in his book The Power of the Subconscious Mind, highlights that it isn’t what a person says to us that might hurt or irritate or generally trigger negative feelings, but the response process on our end. Figuratively, the train of thought. But this also means that we have the choice to respond in a more optimistic manner. How? By being more aware of our reacting thoughts.

[…] it is never what a person says or does that affects him, it is his reaction to what is said or done that matters – Joseph Murphy

Subconscious – thoughts travel into our subconscious mind, which paves our way in life – New York, USA

This is connected to a cycle of four steps, as Murphy believes. It begins with us actively thinking about what a person just said to us. This triggers an emotional response that, however, we decide what it looks like. If we (decide to) feel offended, we develop the feeling of anger. Then, we react a certain way. Interestingly, our mind – from thought to actual response – is where everything takes place. But, exactly this gives us power.

We should feel encouraged to take the following realization to heart: It’s not what we’re being told that triggers emotions, but our reaction that decides the course of our corresponding feelings.

What goes on in our minds makes all the difference, both for our personal lives and beyond, as it determines the choices and decisions we make. In essence, it’s faith we need, as it is generally associated with positive, hopeful thoughts.

What We Think Is Who We Become

If we tell our deepest self something repeatedly, it will eventually manifest in our subconscious as a belief and take over our lives – oftentimes in a negative way. Thus, realizing the importance of positive thoughts is giving us the tool to a more positive life.

Never finish a negative statement; reverse it immediately, and wonders will happen in your life – Joseph Murphy

“Like attracts like” – it’s the inevitable correlation between our thoughts and emotions. This goes back to the Law of Attraction first introduced by occultist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It’s that simple, yet oftentimes difficult to implement into our lives, for we really need to be conscious about it to reach our subconscious: What we think, talk and feel strongly about, as well as believe, is what will eventually happen.

We should ask ourselves, first off, what it is that we want. Then, we set intentions that we follow. Moreover, we need to believe that what we strive for, who we want to be, is a doable act. Being certain about it and sending positive thoughts of faith to our subconscious mind is the accelerator of our motivation and optimistic outlook. Lastly, we need to act based on what we believe.

The Universe is worked and guided from within outwards – Helena P. Blavatsky

Our individual actions, based on our attitude – shaped by what lies within the pool of our subconscious – influence greater actions in this world. It starts from within. If we create positive patterns for ourselves, it will set us up for success and have the potential to transform areas of our (collective) life.

Let’s feed our subconscious affirmative words – for a better us, for a better world.

What is the one positive thing you’re telling yourself daily?