The powerful Vatican – the city state within the Italian capital, Rome. A treasure of history, culture, and ancient stories that are being told until this day, and will be for centuries to come. There is a spirit revolving around this almost enchanting place that tantalizes everyone visiting. Whether one is religious or not, it does not matter. It mesmerizes those that have an interest in architecture, history, culture, art, and religion.

The Vatican takes your breath away – Joe Elliott

The Vatican is a symbol of knowledge not just related to the existence of the Catholic Church, but human history at large. Myths, sagas, and true to be historical facts are attached to its image. And as it stands there, so devoutly, one cannot help but let the mind wander, behind the thick, beautiful walls, imagining times long gone. We are reverent.

Illumination of the Spirit

We see the holy bridge of angels, Ponte Sant’Angelo, leading to the Castel Sant’Angelo, illuminated during sunset from the other side of the River Tiber. Behind it emerges, gracefully, the St. Peter’s Basilica with its carefully designed dome. From this perspective, it might seem small. However, we only know that both physically and spiritually, it is larger than we can potentially imagine.

The Vatican
The Vatican – a symbol of knowledge, spirituality, and sheer historical beauty – Rome, Italy

Being the headquarters of the globally highly regarded Pope, the Vatican was established back in the 4th century A.D. when a basilica was built over the grave of St. Peter. Throughout history, the Catholic Church has seen 266 Popes. Eventually, in 1929, with the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Catholic Church and the Italian government, it gained its sovereignty as a city state.

It is useful and necessary […] for every kind of person, to study and to know the spirit, the piety, and the mysteries […] – Pope Clemente XI

It is utterly fascinating how a place like the Vatican is exuding such strong spirituality and hope. This draws in people from all corners of this planet, touching and moving masses.

Knowledge and Spirituality Melt Together

Not only is the Vatican the epicenter of Christianity, but it is also a symbol of knowledge and sheer beauty. As a holy place, the St. Peter’s Basilica is standing proudly under the setting sun. It lights up with grace, the power of spirituality flowing from its grounds and embracing the city.

After sunset – when this special shot was created – the golden light is emphasizing the majestic appearance of this holy place. Tinted in a warm atmosphere, St. Peter’s Square and adjacent Roman grounds along the calm riverbed are holding their breath. The Vatican is rising, making visitors feel magically and awe-inspiringly small, as they find themselves embraced by a warm atmosphere.

Knowledge and spirituality melt together as the Vatican is so effortlessly, yet powerfully setting itself apart in its independence. It’s a place for faith. However, it allows everyone the freedom to follow their own beliefs. It’s an opportunity for freedom of imagination that goes without limits, as our spirits are awakened by the light.

This creatively interpreted image is one of my treasured portfolio shots as part of my World Collection. Whether you want to let your spirit wander, or travel to this place through the power of imagination, this carefully selected shot is a wonderful fine art piece for your home.

Has your spirit awoken yet?