Yin and Yang – contradictory, extreme opposites, yet they are inseparable forces, concepts, elements. They favor one another, highlight the other, go together hand in hand, in a seemingly polar way. Nonetheless, they appear in a natural symbiosis and complete the other, eventually forming – figuratively – a perfectly round whole.

Yang is considered the positive, the light, the heaven, the sun and the awake. On the other hand, yin is the spiritually negative, the dark, the water, the moon and the sleep. Opposites indeed, but thinking about it, we know they are necessary parts of our lives. Yin and yang are the underlying powerful forces that provide the framework of the universe’s heartbeat. Hence, they are the base on which life itself exists.

Complementing Each Other

All too often, we only see the seemingly polar opposites that life appears to be made of. The black and white. Dark and light. The heat and the cold. And so much more. We find ourselves bouncing back and forth between both ends of the spectrum, always seeming to have to choose between one or the other. Is this really so? Or are we just part of an inevitable cycle in this cosmos?

According to Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang symbolize two forces of the universe we live in that are, indeed, adverse. Yet, what doesn’t necessarily go together, is even contradictory on the surface, ends up forming a complete piece. It literally is a cycle, and depending on what season – or what part of the cycle – we’re in, we’re experiencing positive or negative energy. Some of us might refer to it as “karma”. Feeling the energy of yin or yang, and knowing it’s a circle that will eventually, and naturally, lead us to the opposite part, allows us to adjust our lives accordingly.

The dance between darkness and light will always remain – the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen […] – C. JoyBell C.

As those two elements are intertwined, this means that there is no absolute yin or yang, although we might find ourselves in one season or the other. These major forces are never present by themselves; where there is yin, there is yang. The bond is unbreakable. Just as the sun that isn’t visible all the time; like the moon that will not always show.

Because in the end, yin and yang – as they symbolically stand for similar polarizations – would not exist without the other. They complement each other and represent, even determine, the natural rhythm of life on earth and beyond.

Recipe for Success

The yin and yang approach can be applied to the business world, as well. Only if all components are working together smoothly can there be success. Let’s see yin as the creative side that is the driving factor for new creations as such. It’s the “brainstorming-to-innovate” process. Furthermore, it can be considered the intuitive and cooperative – “the teamwork-makes-the-dream-work” – approach. Yin, hence, symbolizes periods in the business world that are characterized by change and progress. It’s the part that looks at customers and their needs.

On the other hand, yang is the rational, analytical counterpart. With it comes order, straightforward thinking and a competitive nature. Basically, this provides the framework of business management; the path of stability; the foundation.

In a nutshell, it’s a balance between those two forces, as all too often, that is the recipe for career and business success. The perfect blend of yin and yang; the ideal mixture of entrepreneurial thinking and skills on the one hand, as well as the ability to think outside of the box and address the needs of the company or client.

Balancing Your Inner Yin and Yang

Head versus the heart – what better way to, if we look at us personally, make sense of those two Chinese elements. Life is an act of balancing our inner yin and yang. They are chasing after each other in their quest of achieving harmonious wholeness. Therefore, we find ourselves struggling and sometimes wondering: What is it that we need or should do? What does the mind say? What feels right in my heart, though?

The motion of yin and yang generates all things in nature – Meh Jiuzhang & Guo Lei

It’s because we are torn, seemingly “split in half” and don’t feel balanced. The equilibrium is non-existent in those very moments. If we get in touch with our most inner self and act on our truest desires and passions, then we can find peace. This is when yin and yang are in perfect harmony. And as each of our seasons change, we need to listen to our subconscious, honest voice as it will lead the way and allow true balance to happen, no matter the circumstances.

Have you found your inner yin and yang equilibrium?